Alu Alu Blister Foil Properties And Packaging

Cold aluminum is a common pharmaceutical packaging material in modern times. How this material can protect the characteristics and quality of pharmaceuticals well is mainly due to the metal properties and packaging methods of cold-formed aluminum.

What are the properties of cold formed aluminum?
1. Cold stamping aluminum packaging is mainly used for aluminum-plastic blister packaging of pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, pills, etc., with a novel appearance, enhancing the image and competitiveness of drugs;

2. Cold stamping aluminum packaging has good shading performance, moisture-proof performance, gas retention performance and taste retention performance;

3. Cold-pressed aluminum packaging is formed by cold-pressing, eliminating the need for heating and replacing pvc.

4. Cold stamping aluminum and ptp aluminum foil heat sealing, easy to open.

5. Cold stamping aluminum is suitable for cold stamping aluminum-aluminum blister packaging machine.

Special packaging details for cold aluminium:
The three-layer special packaging structure effectively isolates oxygen and moisture.
1- The inner packaging is film bag packaging;
2- The middle is the buffer foam packaging;
3- The outer packaging is three-layer carton packaging;

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