PVC-PVDC for blister pack


Brand Owner: Huawei Aluminum
Structure: PVC/PVDC
PVDC Coating Weight: 40/60/90gsm
Thickness: 0.12---0.50mm
Color: Transparent/Color
MOQ: 1000 kgs
Price: USD 4-?/KG, Welcome to contact us for the latest offer!

PVC/PVDC For Medicine Blister Pack

Pharmaceutical Pvc Overview:

Medicine pvc can be used to make tablets, capsules, and medicine packaging. It has a strong barrier to water, oxygen, and ultraviolet radiation, and then plays a role in protecting medicinal products. It is especially suitable for drugs with high sensitivity range and drugs with strong hygroscopicity or light-sensitive.

Pharma Pvdc Overview:

PVDC is also a very popular and commonly used pharmaceutical packaging material, also known as PVC composite film. It is the most commonly used blister packaging material in pharmaceutical packaging. About 67% of blister packaging use PVDC composite film. PVDC composite film is a material with the best barrier properties and has an excellent barrier effect on air, moisture, and fine particles. It can be used under high temperature and high humidity conditions, and other properties are similar to PVD, such as good compatibility, ease to form and seal, and low price.

pvc pvdc blister pack
pvc pvdc blister pack film

Pharma Alu Pvc/Pvdc Packaging Prospects

With the increase in the use of pharmaceutical products, the demand for aluminum/aluminum foil in the pharmaceutical industry is increasing, because the pharmaceutical packaging materials made of PVC/PVDC have the highest barrier to moisture, oxygen, other gases, and ultraviolet rays. Under ICH conditions It keeps the barrier performance under the lower part, and it ensures easy packaging due to its unique structure. Its tighter blister structure allows higher blister density to reduce blister size and material usage, saving costs.

Pvc/Pvdc Aluminium Pharmaceutical Packaging Produce Guarantee

All medicinal packaging products (polyester/aluminum/polyethylene medicinal composite film) are produced in the purification workshop, and the PE bags used for product packaging are fully monitored by professional production personnel. A clean environment can maintain the same production cost while ensuring stable product quality.

Pvc/Pvdc Film For Medicine Blister Pack Features

* 100% block moisture, air, gas, light

* The largest non-fracture forming ability ensures “zero defect”

* Excellent process results with long-term delamination resistance

* Wide range of colors and printing options

* Excellent molding characteristics

* Excellent thermal stability


medical pvc material
medical pvc material

Pvc Pvdc Film General Specification

Density: 1.35-1.45(g/cm3)

Thickness: 0.12~0.50(mm)

Specification: 250mic, 200 mic, 300mic

Color: Clear、Clear colored、Other Opaque colored

Application: Medical Blister Package

Advantages Of Pvc/Pvdc Material

  • High barrier properties, heat sealability, chemical resistance, easy processing
  • Mainly used for blister packaging of solid medicines (tablets, capsules, etc.).
  • Oxygen transmission: OTR (cm3 /m2·24h·0.1Mpa)≤3.0
  • Strict Water Vapour transmission WVTR (g/m2·24h):
  • PVC/PVDC 40g WVTR≤0.8(g/m2·24h)
  • PVC/PVDC 60g WVTR≤0.6(g/m2·24h)
  • PVC/PVDC 90g WVTR≤0.4(g/m2·24h)

Pharmaceutical Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Rigid Sheet Use

  • Medical blister
  • Light-proof pharmaceutical packaging
  • Pills, capsules
  • Large blister, small blister

Pvc/Pvdc Pharma Packaging Selection Considerations

The choice of packaging materials for medicinal packaging, the nature of the main medicines (moisture, oxidation, fragrance retention, etc.), and the shelf-life requirements are determined. It should be noted that this is a very prudent choice. It is necessary to consider both the quality of the drug and the development and cost of the company. It is recommended to determine the choice of packaging materials with a competent packaging material factory or packaging material experts. Huawei Aluminum is a company A supplier with more than ten years of aluminum foil manufacturing experience.

The basic principle of selection: general medicines, PVC medicinal tablets can be used if the requirements for moisture resistance are not high. PVC/PVDC or PVC/PE/PVDC composite sheets can be used for medicines that require moisture resistance and oxidation resistance or require a long shelf life. PVC/PE composite tablets can be used for oral liquid and suppository medicines.

About us(HWPFP):

HWPFP(Huawei Pharma Foil Packaging) has rich experience in the aluminum foil industry. We are good at providing high-quality aluminum foil-based foils to customers all over the world at market-leading prices. We use high-quality aluminum foil raw materials and advanced technology to design and develop according to the set industrial parameters or the specific requirements of the customer. This aluminum foil is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry for packaging tablets and capsules. Click Learn More

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