ptp blister foil packaging

PTP Blister Foil For Pharmaceutical Package

PTP blister foil for pharmaceutical packaging

PTP blister foil is the abbreviation of “Press through Packing”, the name comes from the forming method of blister foil is “press forming”, also known as blister foil or push-in lid foil. PTP blister foil is a common pharmaceutical packaging material, suitable for heat sealing with PVC, PVDC, PE, and used for pharmaceutical purposes in the blister packaging process, such as capsules, tablets, pills, etc.

What is PTP blister foil?

What is a blister foils? In some European countries, “PTP” is called “Press through Foil”, and in China, PTP blister foil is called “Pharmaceutical PTP blister foil”.
PTP aluminum foil structure
PTP aluminum blister foil chart
The general structure of pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil is three layers, namely the protective layer (OP)/printing ink/aluminum foil base material (AL)/adhesion (VC).

PTP blister aluminum foil alloy

PTP Blister Aluminum Foil Alloy Specification Table

Alloy Temper Thickness Width Application
8011 H18、O、H16 0.010-0.5mm 100-1800mm Pill surface blister
8021 HO、H14、H16 0.015-0.2mm  100-1800mm Capsule outer packaging
8079 HO 0.010-0.2mm  100-1800mm Oral liquid bottle cap

PTP blister foil features

1. Super barrier property: 100% barrier against water vapor, gas, light, etc.
2. Stable properties: high thermal stability
3. Appearance: Silver packaging enhances the aesthetics.
4. Strong sealing: can be sealed with PVC/PVDC film or Alu-Alu
5. Business promotion possible: Surface printable business information

Forming process of PTP blister cover foil

Thermoformed blister foil

Thermoforming blister molding is the process of unrolling the plastic film or sheet from a reel and guiding it through a preheating station on the blister production line. The temperature softens the plastic and makes it flexible. The warm plastic then arrives at the molding station and is extruded to form the bubble chamber into a negative mold. After the mold cools, the plastic hardens again and retains its shape when removed from the mold.

Cold formed blister cover foil

The cold forming PTP bubble cover is formed by simply pressing the aluminum base film into the mold by pressing the mold. Aluminum is stretched to retain its tensile shape. The industry is called cold formed bubble cover.

Hot and cold forming blister cover foil

Hot and cold molding is the use of two ways, first through the hot molding technology to complete the first packaging, and then use cold molding packaging to complete the second step.

Huawei Pharma Foil Packaging Advantages

  • Standard push-through applications.
  • High Accuracy Rotogravure printing for reliable eye marks and pharmacode reproduction.
  • One side Primer for printing and another side Heat-seal Lacquer for sealing with PVC or PVC / PVDC
  • The production process at 100,000 class dust-free purification workshop.


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