Rigid PVC for medicine

Rigid PVC For Pharmaceutical Blister Pack

Rigid PVC For Pharmaceutical Blister Pack

Rigid PVC Overview

Rigid PVC Film(Aluminum Blister Packaging)It is a non-toxic, chemical-free rigid packaging material. Among them, food and medicine are generally used widely. For medicines, rigid PVC film is widely used in medical packaging, medical PVC, and blister because of its better characteristics film and other aspects.

Feature of Rigid PVC For Pharmaceutical Blister Pack

PVC is available in a wide range of colors and thicknesses.
PVC rigid film for packing capsule tablet pill, with high chemical stability, fine anti-fire, super-transparent, high hardness.
It works best on standard blister packing machines.

Reasons for choosing Rigid PVC

  • Prevent unnecessary waste because it can preserve food and medicine
  • Meet the upcoming needs of customers
  • As an excellent blister packaging solution
  • Superb gloss adds more clarity
  • Inhibition of microbial growth during manufacturing, distribution, and display

rigid pvc films

Rigid PVC  Performance Standards

Paraneters Test Unit Standard
Color Visual As per Standard Specimen
Thickness of PVC film DIN 53479 Micron 60 TO 100 ± 12 %, 101 TO 200 ± 10 %,201 TO 400 ± 7 %,401 TO 800 ± 5 %(customizable)
Density DIN 53479 g/ cm 3 1.35 ± 0.02(customizable)
Tensile Strength DIN EN ISO527 Kg/cm2 (Min) 450
Dimensional Stability MD DIN 53377 % (Max) 60 TO 100 -12 max, 101 TO 200 – 10 max,201 TO 400 -7 max,401 TO 800 – 5 max
Dimensional Stability TD  

DIN 53377 60 TO 100 + 5 max,101 TO 200 + 3 max,201 TO 400 + 2 max,401 TO 800 + 1 max

Our advantage

HuaWei Aluminum With all advanced production equipment, professional technicians and testing equipment, more than ten years of production experience in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, the products are widely sold to various countries in the world. We can customize products according to customers’ packaging needs, strictly abide by GMP industry standards, and provide free samples.


Support product customization and sample mailing(the samples are free)

Shipping methods:

Express, sea freight, air cargo, land transportation, postal, etc

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