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Aluminum Blister Pack Foil


Aluminum Blister Pack Foil

Aluminum Blister Package Foil Specifications

Item Parameter
Brand Owner Huawei Aluminum
Structure OP(primer)/AL/HSL
Laqure Weight 4gsm/7gsm
Width 50mm-600mm
Usage Standard Push Through Blister Pack
MOQ 500 KG
Price USD 5-?/KG, Contact us for best offer!
Remarks Support product customization!
Alloy 8011 8021 8079 1235

blister foil pack

Aluminum Blister Packing Foil Introduction

What is blister packaging foil material? Aluminum blister foil (also known as Blister Foil/PTP foil/Pharmaceutical foil for PVC heat sealing; often informally called aluminum foil) is aluminum prepared in thin metal leaves with a thickness less than 0.2 mm (7.9 mils); thinner gauges down to 6 micrometers (0.24 mils) are also commonly used. Standard household foil is typically 0.016 mm (0.63 mils) thick, and heavy-duty household foil is typically 0.024 mm (0.94 mils).

The foil is pliable and can be readily bent or wrapped around objects. Thin foils are fragile and are sometimes laminated with other materials such as plastics or paper to make them stronger and more useful.

aluminum foil for blister packaging production process

Aluminum Blister Pack Foil Packaging Overview

Commonly used pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging material structure and applicable product types:

The Product Name Unprinted Aluminium Foil Single And Double

-sided Printing Foil

Single And Double

-sided Colored Foil

Typical Structure OP/AL/VC








The Scope Of Tablet Capsule, Effervescent tablet, Pill, Pastille, Sheets for Profiled, Suppository, Ointment and other blister eye packing, lidding foils for tablets pills, etc.
Aluminum Blister Foil

Aluminum foil structure diagram

Requirements for aluminum foil printing:

·High-precision aluminum foil printing, rich colors, and clear patterns. And it is required that the plain foil can be printed online on the automatic drug blister packaging machine.

· With coated pharmaceutiques.

· Can be printed according to customized requirements.

· Blistering foiled printer can accurately adjust product parameters.

Aluminum blister pack foil production process

1. Raw materials detect
2. Billet rolling opening
3. Split rolling
4. Coil rolling
5. Divide
6. Furance annealing
7. Detect
8. Product packaging
9. QA/QC

Medicinal foil production process

Aluminium blister packaging foil production considerations:

1: Pharma use aluminum capsule cold forming blister Control the quality from the source and strictly inspect the blanks.
2: In the rolling process, the surface quality of the product is controlled by controlling the clarity and roughness of the roll, selecting the rolling oil, reducing the viscosity of the rolling oil, and controlling the operating speed of the machine.
3: In the process of product slitting, ensure that the edges of the aluminum foil roll are neat during slitting to ensure that there are no quality problems such as lotus leaf edges.
4: In the annealing process, the annealing time and annealing temperature are controlled according to the performance requirements of the medicated foil to ensure clean degreasing.

Moisture and oxygen permeable aluminum blister packing foil production:

It is required to have good moisture permeability, moisture resistance, oxygen barrier properties, tightly sealed with the molding material, and can be protected from light, water, and fragrance.

The aluminum foil is used as the base material, which is easy to open or puncture, which is convenient for consumers to take. Requirements for the ease of use of aluminum aluminum blister foil:

Aluminum Blister Foil

Standard aluminum foil blister production

Convenience and anti-pollution requirements of aluminum blister pack foil

The blister board of the aluminum foil medicine packaging is convenient to carry, convenient for transportation and storage, and prevents pollution.

Specifications of PTP medicinal aluminum foil substrate

Aluminum Alloy Material status thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Typical products
8011 O、H14、H16、H18 0.016-0.5 50-600 Customization Capsule medicine board, blister pack, tablet medicine board, etc.

Production efficiency requirements of automatic aluminum blister packaging foil:

The coil products of the aluminum foil medicine package are suitable for high-speed automated production in pharmaceutical factories. Also more product quantity for production.

Auminum blister pack foil common specification

AL Thickness:0.02/0.025/0.03mm (the conventional thickness of aluminum foil in a three-layer structure, generally in the alloy state of 8011 H18/8021-O)

HSL: 3-4gsm, 6-8gsm (Heat sealant layer, the size of the coating has a greater impact on the price).

Primer: 1gsm.

Others can be customized:

20 ml blister plastic disposable small mask tray; pharmaceutical use 20-30 micron ;
ptp aluminum foil 0.02-0.035-250; 250mm blister foil;  25 micron 150mm

Aluminum blister pack foil standard push through applications

High Accuracy Rotogravure printing for reliable eye mark and pharma code reproduction.

One side Primer for printing and another side Heat-seal Lacquer for sealing with PVC or PVC / PVDC.

The production process at 100,000 class dust-free purification workshop.

aluminum foil blister

Aluminum Foil Application

Aluminum blister pack foil applicable scenarios

  • Tray foil, foil film, foil rolls, Vacum foil for blisters, foil containers, foil sticker
  • Bulb blister aluminum, Blister welding
  • Hologram blister foil, Holographic printed ptp
  • Sachet blister, Packaging applicator
  • Transpairent blister foil
  • Jumbo roll ptp, blister with aluminum foil blister pack
  • ptp Pectol, blister cosmetics

Aluminum blister pack foil Packaging, transportation, storage

The packaging, transportation, and storage of the aluminum pavilion should comply with the provisions of GB/T 3199; when there are special requirements, the supplier and the buyer shall negotiate and make a decision, and indicate in the contract (or order form).

Aluminum blister pack foil quality certificate

Each lot of blister foil aluminum will be accompanied by a product quality certificate stating:

  1. ) Name of the supplier;
  2. ) Product name;
  3. ) brand;
  4. ) status;
  5. ) net weight;
  6. ) specifications;
  7. ) Batch Number (volume Number);
  8. ) Inspection results of each analysis item (when required by the contract or purchase order);
  9. ) Inspection and seal by the technical supervision department of the supplier;
  10. ) Date of packaging;
  11. ) This standard number.

Aluminum blister pack foil packing details

1-The inner packaging is a film bag packaging;
2- In the middle is PS cushioning and anti-breakage packaging;
3- The outer packaging is a three-layer carton packaging;

HWPFP pharmaceutical aluminum blister packaging services:

Sample service: We can provide customizable samples according to specific needs, samples are free shipping.

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