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8021 Pharmaceutical Foil Packaging Material


8021 Pharmaceutical Foil Packaging Material

What is 8021 pharmaceutical foil packaging material?

8021 aluminum foil belongs to the 8 series aluminum alloy. The main alloying elements are aluminum, iron, and silicon. It is a widely used pharmaceutical packaging material. It is heat-sealed with an aluminum foil blister for the packaging of capsules and tablets. It has the advantages of anti-oxidation, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, leak-proof, and good barrier properties. It is one of the advantageous products of Henan Huawei Aluminum.

8021 pharma foil packaging

8021 pharmaceutical foil packaging material Quick Details

Name: 8021aluminum foil
Alloy: 8021 (8000 series aluminum alloy)
Thickness: 0.018mm-0.2mm
Width: 100mm-1700mm
Length: customized according to customer needs (C)
ID: 76mm Or 152mm (others can be customized)
PRINTING: Accepted
Treatment:DC or CC
Temper: F,O,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28
MOQ: 5Tons
Place of Origin: China
Package:Pallet /wooden box
Application: Packaging of medicines, capsules, tablets, food, etc.
Elongation: 13%-18%
Structure: OPA + Al + PVC
Features: Push-On, Peelable, Peel-Off, Tear-Off, and Child Resistant Options
Sample: Provide free samples and check the quality
Payment: 30% deposit to confirm the order, 70% balance before shipment

8021 aluminum foil

8021 pharmaceutical foil packaging material Highlights

1. The wettability exceeds class A;
2. Erichsen is worth more than 7.
3. Good processing performance
4. High barrier material, can store medicines for a long time
5. Deformable and cold forming material, not easy to crack

8021 pharmaceutical foil packaging material production process:

1. Printing → 2. Laminating → 3. Curing → 4. Cutting → 5. Quality Inspection → 6. Packaging → 7. Delivery

8021 pharma packaging foil chemical composition(%)

Si (Silicon): 0.08-0.1
Cu (Copper): 0.03
Mg (Magnesium): 0.01
Zn ( Zinc ): 0.03
Mn ( Manganese ): 0.03
Cr (Chromium): 0.03
Fe ( Iron/Ferrum ): 1.25-1.5
Ti (Titanium): 0.01
Others total: ≤ 0.15
Al ( Aluminum ): Remainder

Price of medicinal aluminum foil

As a common medicinal packaging material, 8021 aluminum foil has good application performance in the market. The price of Aluminum foil 8021 is also an aspect that buyers are more concerned about. 8021 aluminum foil price.

Date LME Price SMM Price Average
2023-9-10 2300$ 2613.8$
2023-9-11 2289$
2023-9-12 2313$
2023-9-13 2300$

HWPFP FAQ –How to control product quality?

1. Raw material procurement: The procurement manager responsible for raw materials has 10 years of experience, professional knowledge reserves, and experience, and ensures the quality of aluminum foil from the source.
2. Production and rolling process: By cleaning the rolls, controlling the roughness of the rolls, improving the purity of the rolling oil, reducing the viscosity of the oil, and balancing the mechanical running speed, the adverse factors affecting the surface quality of the foil are avoided.
3. Aluminum foil cutting: adjust the cutting knife up and down to the most suitable distance, clean the cutting knife before cutting, so that the edges of the foil are neat, no unevenness, and no scratches on the foil surface.
4. Annealing of aluminum foil: According to the customer’s requirements for the performance of the foil, the annealing time and temperature are strictly controlled to thoroughly clean the oil.
5. Quality testing: pre-production inspection, online inspection, and final inspection to ensure that the finished product meets the needs of each customer.

8021 pharma foil packaging

HWPFP 8021 pharmaceutical foil packaging material

HWPFP (Huawei Pharma Foil Packaging) is a pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil manufacturer and supplier in China. We can produce 8021 aluminum foil materials with a thickness range of 0.018mm-0.2mm, and can also customize products according to your needs. 8021 pharmaceutical foil packaging material has better performance than pure aluminum foil due to the addition of other alloys. It is also widely used and has advantages for processing in pharmaceutical packaging factories.

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