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20 microns medicinal aluminum foil


20 microns medicinal aluminum foil

Aluminum foil for medicinal

Aluminum foil is obtained by cutting and extruding metal. It has a very thin thickness, so it is often used as packaging materials. Such as pharmaceutical packaging materials.

20 microns medicinal aluminum foil

20 micron (μm) aluminum foil is a relatively thin foil that is commonly used for pharmaceutical packaging, particularly blister packaging of tablets and capsules. The thickness of aluminum foil is a key factor in pharmaceutical packaging, and 20 mic aluminum foil can play a role in barrier properties and overall protection of pharmaceuticals.

20 mic aluminum foil

20 mic aluminum foil

20 micron medicinal foil type

Thickness Alloy Temper Medicine Product
20 mic/0.02mm/20μm 8011 H14,H16,H18 ptp blister foil/alu alu foil/tropical blister foil/easy tesr aluminum strip foil
8021 O,H18
8079 O,H14,H16
1235 O,H18

20 mic blister aluminum foil price

Aluminum foil needs to go through multiple procedures to be processed into pharmaceutical packaging foil with good performance. The common type is 20 mic blister foil. The general market price is 3450 $/Ton. As a professional pharmaceutical processing factory, Huawei Pharma Foil Packaging can provide lower s price.

Aluminum blister foil 20 microns supplier

HWPFP has been engaged in the production of aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging for more than 20 years. We have complete production equipment and excellent production capabilities. We check the quality of our products at all levels to provide customers with the best products.

Thickness specifications of medicinal aluminum foil

Thickness(mic) Thickness(mm)
18 micron aluminum foil 0.018mm
20 micron aluminum foil 0.02mm
25 micron aluminum foil 0.025mm
30 micron aluminum foil 0.03mm
40 micron aluminum foil 0.04mm
50 micron aluminum foil 0.05mm
52 micron aluminum foil 0.0052mm
70 micron aluminum foil 0.07mm

Why choose aluminum foil for pharma packaging

When medicines are packaged, it is important to maintain the quality and safety of the medicines. Most medicines are prone to oxidation, moisture absorption, decomposition and deterioration. However, aluminum foil packaging has good light-shielding and denseness, which can protect the inner packaged medicine from oxidation, moisture absorption and deterioration. It has good calendering properties, is easy to produce and disassemble, and is also cheaper.

Most medicinal aluminum foils are in the form of aluminum-plastic composite films to achieve better moisture resistance and flexibility, and also take into account the hygienic performance of pharmaceuticals.

20 mic aluminum foil properties advantage

20 micron aluminum foil is a thinner type in pharmaceutical packaging and has many features in the protection of medical supplies.

1. Light barrier: Aluminum foil 20 mic can provide a good light barrier and help protect photosensitive drugs from degradation caused by light exposure.

2. Moisture-proof layer: The thicker the aluminum foil, the stronger the moisture resistance. 20 micron aluminum foil can provide a certain degree of moisture resistance, but compared with thicker foils, the moisture resistance is slightly lower.

3. Easily formed: 20 micron aluminum foil is relatively thin and can be easily formed into various shapes, making it suitable for blister packaging.

4. Good heat sealability: 20 μm aluminum foil can be heat sealed to form a safe and airtight seal to ensure the integrity of packaged drugs.

5. Printability: The 20 micron aluminum foil surface can be printed or embossed with product information, branding and other details.

20 micro printed aluminum foil roll

20 micron printed aluminum foil usually refers to aluminum foil with a thickness of 20 microns (μm) that has been printed or coated. It is most widely used in pharmaceutical packaging and is sometimes used in food packaging. 20 mic printed aluminum foil is printed on both front and back sides, and can be marked with brand and product logos.

20 mic 8011 aluminum foil

8011 20 micron aluminum foil is relatively thin. In pharmaceutical packaging, it is often used to create flexible and easily moldable packaging materials, such as blister packaging foil. Alloy foil 8011 20 mic provides a barrier to light, oxygen and moisture, helping to maintain the integrity and stability of pharmaceutical products.

Jumbo roll aluminum foil 20mic

Jumbo aluminum foil rolls are large rolls of aluminum foil that are available in larger lengths and widths, making them suitable for high-volume applications. jumbo foil roll is also the raw material for the production of pharmaceutical blister foil. Alloys 8011, 8021, and 8079 are available in large rolls of aluminum foil.

20mic ptp blister aluminum foil

The specification “20mic PTP Blister Foil” refers to a specific type of aluminum foil commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for blister packaging. PTP blister foil is a press-through packaging used to package tablets, capsules and other solid dosage forms. It can effectively protect drugs from external factors such as moisture, light and gas.
20 micron ptp blister foil enables individual tablets or capsules to be sealed within a cavity (blister) made from a combination of plastic and aluminum foil, ensuring the integrity of the drug.

20 mic ptp blister foil

20 mic ptp blister foil

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