PVC/LDPE Laminated Roll For Suppository Pack

Brand Owner: Huawei Aluminum
Structure: PVC/LDPE
Thickness: 0.15—0.50mm
Width: 60-900mm
Color: Transparent/Color
MOQ: 1000 kgs
Price: USD ?/KG, Welcome to contact us for the latest offer!

PVC/LDPE Laminated Roll For Suppository Pack

PVC/LDPE Laminated Roll Overview: PVC/LDPE Laminated Roll For Suppository Pack production, process, and performance. The pharma pvc surface is smooth and flat, with high transparency (about 87%), tensile strength 50MPa, elongation within 50%, composite strength ≥800g/25mm wide, and it is used for pharmaceutical packaging.

What Is Pvc In Pharmaceutical?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride) are used as primary packaging materials in pharmaceutical products to protect the product from oxygen and odor penetration, water, and water vapor transport, and microbial invasion. Rigid PVC is a very transparent, hard material with low WVTR.

PVC/LDPE Laminated Roll For Suppository Pack
pvc blister

Pvc Pharmaceutical Film Production Process:

There are three production processes for PVC transparent sheet: blow molding process, salivation process, and calendering process. The blow molding process in this product has certain difficulties, because this kind of transparent PVC sheet is a solid sheet, and the thickness must reach 250~300 microns. It is too thick and it is difficult to inflate. For this reason, the production of transparent PVC The main process of hard film is extrusion casting or calendering process.

The production process of PVC blister pharma extrusion salivation method is as follows: raw and auxiliary materials unpacking test→formula→kneading→two-roller sheeting→pelletizing→extruder→T-die salivation→cooling wheel cooling→trimming → rewinding.

pharma grade pvc film manufacturing line
Standardized production(pharmaceutical packaging pvc)

Pharmaceutical Rigid PVC Film And Roll advantage

Use our high-quality medicinal PVC film to provide effective packaging for different medicines. It is used for the precise packaging of tablets, oral liquids, pills, and capsules of different sizes to ensure safer consumption. Even under high-temperature conditions, the film can remain intact. It can protect drugs from all kinds of pollution and enhance their own lifespan to a certain extent. Customers can use various specifications of medicinal PVC film to effectively meet their requirements. It has a long working life and is very reliable.

Feature Of Pharmaceutical Grade Rigid PVC:

  • Smooth surface, transparent, uniform thickness, good heat sealability, easy processing, and forming。
  • Mainly used for the packaging of small-dose liquid medicines, suppositories, etc., but also for packaging of food, health care products, and chemicals.
  • The product is moisture-proof, oxygen-blocking, and light-proof, which can effectively avoid the damage of gas, light, and other media to the composition of the medicine, and the contents have a long shelf life.
  • Good printing and coloring, exquisite appearance, which is conducive to improving product quality.
  • High mechanical strength, good formability, suitable for high-speed packaging machines.

pvc blister pharma
PVC/PE compound solid materials

Pharma Pvc Shortcomings

The main advantages of PVC are low cost and easy thermal molding. The main disadvantage is the poor barrier to the entry of water and oxygen. In the case of blister packaging, THE PVC sheet does not contain any plastic and is sometimes referred to as rigid PVC or RPVC. In the absence of plasticizers, PVC bubble covers provide structural rigidity and physical protection for pharmaceutical dosage forms. On the other hand, the bubble chamber must be kept accessible by a push-through effect, and the formed mesh will not collapse too hard when pressed;

Medicine PVC material Use:

· PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride) are used as primary packaging materials in pharmaceutical products to protect the product from oxygen and odor penetration, water, and water vapor transport, and microbial invasion.

· PVC aluminum foil packaging materials are widely used in medicine science.

· Medical pvc pipe flakes, clamshell alu pvc blister packaging.

· Pvc blister box/carton,opa alu pvc blister vacuum form

We Can Provide:(Learn More)

Class 100,000 clean workshop–We have a Class 100,000 clean standard pharmaceutical
packaging material production workshop and its supporting high-standard warehouses,
laboratory and other construction facilities.

GMP standard production plant–The design of the production plant is carried out in accordance
with the pharmaceutical production standards and fully meets the GMP standards.
The workshop has a strict production system, a regular maintenance and cleaning system,
and a special person is responsible for supervision.


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