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Alu Alu Cold Forming Aluminum Foil OPA/AL/PVC


Alu Alu Cold Forming Aluminum Foil OPA/AL/PVC

Alu Alu Blister Foil Product Introduction

Cold forming aluminum foil, the scientific name is cold stamping forming the solid medicinal composite rigid sheet (commonly known as cold forming aluminum, alu alu foil, cold form alu alu foil). Aluminum foil has a series of good properties, it is mainly used in three major fields such as medical packaging, electrical, and construction. Among them, the demand for packaging is the largest, and the packaging takes medicinal blister packaging as an example. Medicinal blister packaging is generally made of medicinal cold-formed composite alu household foil.

cold forming alu alu foil

(Cold Forming Foil OPA/AlU/PVC )

Production instructions of alu alu packaging

Aluminum Alloy 8021,8011,8079,1235
Temper O,H14,H16,H18
  • OPA/aluminum/polyvinyl chloride
  • PA25/AL25/PVC60
  • PA25/AL60/PVC60
Thickness OPA:25mics ALU:45~60mics PVC:60mics
print Unprinted or printed-on-demand 1~4 colors
GSM 240G;281G
Width ≤700
Core ID Core ID 76mm or 152mm
OD of roll 240-280mm
Usage ratio of material/layer(cold stamping aluminum:PTP) 4:1;4.7:1;
Packing Standard pharmaceutical packaging

When the customer intends to learn about Alu Alu foil, he must provide us with the width of Alu Alu foil and whether it will be printed. We are willing to provide customers with Alu Alu aluminum foil samples for free sample parameter testing. If the customer’s testing machine is in China, we are willing to send the required samples to the testing machine manufacturer for testing.

Cold aluminum does aluminum foil keep things cold?

A processing technology of cold-formed aluminum foil is a production technology of cold-formed blister aluminum foil for aluminum composite, not an aluminum foil keep things cold. Cold forming aluminum foil is first coated with composite glue on the surface of the nylon, and then enters the oven for treatment; the preheated aluminum foil and the coated nylon are hot-pressed and compounded, and the matured semi-finished product is made after aging treatment: the semi-finished product is coated with composite glue again, Enter the oven and compound with PVC material, and then undergo curing treatment to form a finished product, so that the cold forming blister aluminum foil is made.

Can aluminum foil keep things cold

Can aluminum foil keep things cold?

Blister Foil Cold-Formed Alu Alu Foil/Pvc Feature

  • Polyamide layer colored or printed
  • Suitable for Up to 10mm draw depth(generally in the alloy state of 8011 H18/8021)
  • High barrier performance to resist moisture, oxygen, and light.
  • We are always improving the tensile property, minimum the bubble crack rate, refuse delamination.
  • Printing and other customized requirement are accepted.

Cold form blister packaging general specification

Layer Base Thickness/ weight Tolerance
PA Polyamide 25 mic / 28.80 gsm

30 mic / 34.56 gsm

Adhesive Polyurethane 5gsm +-0.5gsm
Aluminum Alloy 8021, soft temper; wettability A class 45 mic / 121.95 gsm

50 mic / 135.50 gsm

55 mic / 149.05 gsm

60 mic / 162.60 gsm

65 mic / 176.15 gsm

Adhesive Polyurethane 5 gsm +-0.5gsm
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride 60 mic /78.6 gsm +-10%

General structure of Alu-Alu blister foil

Composition: Alu-Alu blister foil typically consists of three layers:

Outer Layer: This layer is usually made of polyester (PET), which provides protection against external physical damage.

Middle Layer: The core layer is aluminum foil (alu), which acts as a barrier against moisture, oxygen, and light.

Inner Layer: The inner layer is usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or cold formable material. This layer comes into direct contact with the medication and ensures its safety and stability.

Reasons for the popularity of cold forming blister aluminum foil

1. This blister packaging allows each tablet to be individually packaged to provide patients with accurate dosage.
2. Alu alu foil packaging has good protection performance and high safety for medicines.
3. The production speed of cold forming aluminum foil packaging is fast, the degree of automation is high, and the cost is low.
4. Alu-alu foil for pharmaceutical packaging is not only convenient to carry, but also enhances the safety of medication;
5. Medicinal cold aluminum foil is light in weight, convenient to transport, good in safety, economical and practical.

Cold Form Foil Processing Technology

A processing technology of cold form alualu foil(alu alu low heat foil), involving the production of cold-formed blister aluminum foil for aluminum composite or jumbo reels alu foil. First, composite glue is coated on the surface of OPA, and then enters the oven for treatment; the preheated aluminum foil and the coated nylon Hot-press compounding, mature semi-finished products are made by curing treatment; the semi-finished products are coated with compound glue again, enter the oven and compound with PVC materials, and then undergo curing treatment to form a finished product.

cold forming aluminum foil

standard alu alu film production workshop

HWPFP Cold Formed  Aluminum Foil Production Guarantee:

1. Ensure that the cold-formed aluminum foil is flat;
2. Strict requirements on the surface of the board, no black oil spots, scratches, small black threads, bright lines, roller printing bumps, mosquitoes, etc.;
3. Ensure that the cold aluminum foil has no holes;
4. Guarantee trimming, no burrs, towers, ruffles, flanging, bump lighting phenomenon;
5. Ensure that the packaging is moisture-proof and avoids oxidation.

Cold Forming Alu Foil Production Standard

It is made of environmentally friendly materials such as nylon (OPA) or polyester sheet (PET), aluminum foil(ALU), polyester sheet (PET), and imported glue, which are carefully developed, scientifically matched, and reasonable production technology. Because it uses all high-barrier materials, the permeability of water vapor and oxygen is almost zero. High barrier properties, safety, and non-toxic (no chlorine) are its biggest characteristics, which have a positive effect on the safety of medicines according to the guarantee.

Cold Forming Foil Characteristics

  • Barrier property: alu alu cold forming foil (also known as alu-alu foil cold forming) is currently the best barrier performance of medicinal hard films, which can almost completely isolate water vapor, oxygen, ultraviolet rays, and have excellent fragrance retention performance.
  • Advantages compared with traditional PVC: Each blister forms an independent unit that completely isolates water vapor, oxygen, and ultraviolet rays. Taking out part of the contents of a board of tablets has no effect on other well-packaged medicines in the same medicine board.
  • Appearance: concise, elegant, and beautiful, it is the preferred way of packaging health care products and medicines.
  • individual packaging: Each cold form blister forms an independent unit that completely isolates water vapor, oxygen, and ultraviolet rays, and part of the contents of a tablet is taken out, which has no effect on other well-packaged drugs in the same tablet.

oxygen and moisture-proof cold aluminum foil

Alu Alu Base Foil Purpose

  • Can be used as medicine packaging in high and low-temperature environments.
  • It is used for packaging in the pharmaceutical and food industries. It is a packaging material for products that have high barrier requirements for moisture, oxygen, light, and chemicals.
  • It is suitable for woven fabric, capsules, ointments, and emulsions.

Alu Alu Bottom Foil Suitable Range

    1. It is suitable for drugs with high barrier properties.
    2. It can be used for packaging medicines such as pills, tablets, powders, suppositories, capsules, and external applications.
    3. It is suitable for cold press forming aluminum and aluminum blister packaging machine.

Alu alu foil manufacturers in india

As an alu foil manufacturer, Huawei Pharmaceutical Cold Formed Aluminum Foil Blister Packaging is exported all over the world, and India is one of the leading exporters of our Pharmaceutical Packaging. We ship alu-alu foil for pharmaceutical packaging to various countries all the year round, and establish good business relationship with them.

Pharmaceutical alu alu foil price

How much is the price of a ton of medicinal aluminum foil? The price of Alu foil products is not a fixed value. There are many applications of medicinal aluminum foil, and the price depends on different factors. Aluminum foil is a general term for the use of aluminum foil in medicine. It can be used in ptp aluminum foil, cold forming medicine foil, tropical blister packaging, child safety medicine packaging, medicine bottle caps, etc. Its different applications are thickness, width and The status will also vary, so there is no uniform standard in terms of price. For specific prices, you can consult HWPFP.

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