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Tropical Blister Foil


Tropical Blister Foil

Tropical Blister Foil/Medicinal Tropical Aluminum

Tropical blister foil overview:

Tropical blister aluminum structure

The tropical aluminum blister packaging is composed of tropical blister aluminum and aluminum-plastic panels (combined structure of PVC blister hard sheet and PTP aluminum foil), and its higher barrier performance is mainly attributed to the application of tropical blister aluminum. The basic structure is composed of nylon (NY)/composite glue/aluminum foil (AL)/heat sealant (heat sealant is used for heat sealing with PVC blister hard sheet), which needs to be compression molded by a cold stamping molding process, and others Aluminum-plastic composite materials are not suitable for this process. Tropical blister aluminum is equivalent to a layer of “protective cover” of aluminum-plastic blister packaging, which can effectively block water vapor, oxygen, and light, thereby effectively extending the shelf life of the contents.

Tropical blister aluminum structure

Specifications of Tropical Blister Foil

Item Specifications
Alloy 8011,8021,8079,1235
Temper O, H14, H16, H18, etc.
Brand Owner Huawei Aluminum
Structure OPA/AL/VC
Thickness 0.090mm -0.115mm
Width 500mm-800mm
Brewing depth ≤7mm
MOQ 500 KG
Price USD 5-?/KG, Contact us for latest offer!
Remarks Support Product Customization!

What is tropical blister used for?

The application of Tropical blister is mainly used as the outer packaging of medicines, and can be combined with PVC and PVDC to protect medicines. Common uses are drug types such as granules, capsules, and tablets. It can well protect the medicine from moisture, oxygen, erosion.

Difference between tropical foil and cold aluminum:

Tropical blister aluminum packaging is not a substitute for cold-formed aluminum but provides different packaging solutions for the moisture-proof requirements and display effects of different drugs. The main functional difference between tropical aluminum and cold-formed aluminum is that its moisture-proof effect mainly depends on the heat-sealing effect of the edge and the PVC blister. During the heat-sealing process, the stability of the heat-sealing temperature and the flatness of the heat-sealing mold surface. The uniformity of pressure has an impact on the heat sealing effect. In this case, the coating layer of the tropical aluminum itself is even more important.

Tropical aluminium blister foil structure:

product structure NY25/AL60/VC NY25/AL65/VC
Gram weight/square meter 201 215
Matching with PVC and PTP 3.4: 5.8 : 1 3.6: 5.8 : 1
Scope of use Small blister Big blister

Tips: NY/AL/VC tropical blister aluminum (aluminum-plastic-aluminum) is a packaging form specially developed to enhance the barrier properties of traditional aluminum-plastic packaging. You only need to add aluminum behind the rigid PVC blister sheet. The lid of the plastic composite film forms a tropical blister aluminum package.

tropical blister structure

PET/AL/VC blister aluminum pharmaceutical features

Good Mechanical Properties Pharmaceutical packaging materials have certain strength, toughness and elasticity to adapt to the influence of static and dynamic factors such as pressure, shock and vibration.
Super Barrier Performance Aluminum-plastic-aluminum packaging materials are resistant to moisture, water vapor, gas, light, aroma,
Odor, heat, etc. have a certain barrier.
Good Safety Performance Pharmaceutical packaging materials have low toxicity and non-corrosiveness, and have properties such as insect-proof, moth-proof, rodent-proof, and microorganism-inhibiting properties, which can protect product safety and human health.
Suitable Processability Aluminum foil blister packaging materials are easy to process, easy to make into various packaging containers, can realize the mechanization and automation of packaging operations, and are suitable for large-scale industrial production. They should be suitable for printing and convenient
Typographic packaging logo.
Good Economic Performance Packaging materials should come from a wide range of sources, be easy to obtain, and low in cost. After use, packaging materials and packaging containers should be easy to handle and not pollute the environment.

Tropical aluminum blister packaging production process

The production process of tropical aluminum blister packaging is generally: PVC blister hard sheet-heating-blister forming-filling content-PTP aluminum foil (on the top) and tropical blister aluminum (on the bottom) and PVC blister hard sheet to heat Sealing-embossing product information-breaking line-punching-scrap collection.
It can be seen from the production process of the tropical aluminum blister packaging that after the filling process of the contents is completed, the tropical aluminum blister packaging needs to be simultaneously heated and sealed with PTP aluminum foil and tropical blister aluminum at a suitable temperature and pressure. The hard PVC blister is heat-sealed. In addition, in order to facilitate the sealing of the cold-stamped tropical blister aluminum with the hot-stamped hard PVC blister, the blister area should be designed to be slightly wider, which can effectively compensate for the resistance of traditional aluminum-plastic blister packaging. The problem of poor water resistance, oxygen barrier properties, and poor light barrier properties.

Tropical Aluminum Blister Packaging Production Process

Feature of tropical blister foil

  1. The glorious and silvery-white luster appearance of this product will bring more added value.
  2. The product is moisture-proof, oxygen-blocking, and light-proof, which can effectively avoid the damage of gas, light, and other media to the composition of the medicine, maximize the protection of the content and extend the shelf life, especially suitable for tropical areas. Suitable for heat sealing of PVC.
  3. The appearance is novel and high-grade, which enhances the competitiveness of medicines.
  4. High mechanical strength, good formability, high heat sealing strength, suitable for high-speed packaging machines.
  5. Used for the packaging of tablets, suppositories, pills, capsules, and other medicines.

Aluminum Tropical Blister Foil

Tropical blister pack

Inner packing: PE bag, plastic plug, foam gasket
Carton size 290*290*(width+10)mm【Can be adjusted according to customization】
Outer packaging: carton, yellow tape (for non-pallet packaging), pallet, film packaging

Aluminum foil blister tropical advantages

Nylon prevents breakage, aluminum foil layer sealing barrier, glue layer, and PVC heat sealing
Product performance High barrier, easy to form, easy to heat seal
Water vapor transmission rate, the test data is less than 0.5g/m² 24h
Gas transmission rate, test data 0.05cm3/m²24H 0.1MPa

blister foil pack

Huawei aluminum tropical blister advantage

1) 100,000-level purification workshop to ensure a clean and sanitary production environment.
2) Microbiology, physical and chemical testing rooms, and various testing instruments, according to national standards.
3) Passed the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) pharmaceutical packaging materials registration certification record.
4) Pass the US FDA DMF product safety certification.
5) Passed the ISO9001-2015 quality system certification of a British QA company.
6) Passed TUV factory site certification.

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