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40 mic medicinal aluminum foil


40 mic medicinal aluminum foil

Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging

The common thickness range of aluminum foil as medicinal packaging material is 7-70microns (0.007-0.07mm). Aluminum foil within this thickness range has good properties in moisture resistance, anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet, and heat insulation, so it is widely used in Pharmaceutical Industry.

aluminum foil for pharma foil packaging

40 mic aluminum foil for pharma foil packaging

Common thicknesses of medicinal aluminum foil

What thickness of aluminum foil is commonly used for pharmaceutical packaging? The thickness of aluminum foil determines the characteristics of pharmaceutical packaging. Huawei Aluminum Packaging can provide a variety of thickness specifications for pharmaceutical packaging. Common thicknesses are as follows.

Thickness(mic) Thickness(micron) Thickness(μm) Thickness(mm)
7mic 7micron 7μm 0.007mm
9mic 9micron 9μm 0.009mm
10mic 10micron 10μm 0.010mm
12mic 12micron 12μm 0.012mm
13mic 13micron 13μm 0.013mm
15mic 15micron 15μm 0.015mm
17mic 17micron 17μm 0.017mm
19mic 19micron 19μm 0.019mm
20mic 20micron 20μm 0.020mm
22mic 22micron 22μm 0.022mm
23mic 23micron 23μm 0.023mm
25mic 25micron 25μm 0.025mm
27mic 27micron 27μm 0.027mm
30mic 30micron 30μm 0.030mm
32mic 32micron 32μm 0.032mm
33mic 33micron 33μm 0.033mm
35mic 35micron 35μm 0.035mm
37mic 37micron 37μm 0.037mm
39mic 39micron 39μm 0.039mm
40mic 40micron 40μm 0.040mm
45mic 45micron 45μm 0.045mm
50mic 50micron 50μm 0.050mm
52mic 52micron 52μm 0.052mm
53mic 53micron 53μm 0.053mm
55mic 55micron 55μm 0.055mm
60mic 60micron 60μm 0.060mm

40 micron aluminum foil alloy size specifications

Product Alloy Material Temper Thickness Width Length
Medicinal Aluminum foil 8006 O,H14,H18,H19,H22,H24 40 micron (0.04mm) 80-1800mm Customized Production

40 mic pharmaceutical foil type

Thickness Pharma Foil Characteristics Applications
40 microns aluminum foil PTP Blister Foil High barrier properties, good heat sealability, printable Pharmaceutical tablets and capsules
Alu Alu Cold Foil Good cold formability, high barrier properties, opaque and lightfast Widely used for packaging sensitive pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules and powders
Easy Tear Aluminum Foil Easy to perforate, strong and durable Children’s medicine packaging
Tropical blister foil High barrier properties, resistant to temperature and humidity Moisture-sensitive medicines, specially packaged for tablets and capsules in tropical climates


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