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8079 Pharmaceutical Packaging Aluminum Foil


8079 Pharmaceutical Packaging Aluminum Foil

What is 8079 aluminum foil?

What is aluminum foil grade 8079? 8079 medicinal aluminum alloy packaging, which belongs to the more conventional 8000 series is a kind of American deformed aluminum and aluminum alloy. 8079 aluminum foil belongs to the Fe+Si+Al series, which is an alloy for aluminum foil with high strength, good elongation and tensile strength.8079 is often used in the outer packaging of medicines.

8079 aluminum foil pharma packaging

8079 aluminum foil specifications

Al Alloy Type 8000 Series Aluminum Foil
Al Temper F、H14、H16、HO、H22、H24, etc.
Surface  PVC PVDC film/PE customized
Thickness: 0.018mm-0.2mm
 Tolerance: ±0.01-0.03mm
Width: 100mm-1800mm customized
Length: 300-4000mm, or as required
Material: Cold rolled or ot rolled
Packing: wooden waterproof box/ pallet
Delivery Time: 40 days
MOQ: 500kg
8079 aluminum foil application 1. Applied to the outer packaging of medicines, capsules and tablets
2.8079 aluminum foil is used in food packaging, battery soft packaging and other fields.

The advantages of 8079 medicinal aluminum foil

1. Moisture-proof, air-tight and light-shielding properties of medicinal packaging.
2.8079 metal is corrosion-resistant and can guarantee the characteristics of the drug for a long time.
3. Medicinal foil 8079 has the characteristics of preserving fragrance, which can protect the essence of medicine to the greatest extent.
4.8079 metal has the advantages of non-toxic and tasteless.
5.The 8079 medicinal package has an elegant silvery white sheen.
6. Good processing performance, easy to process beautiful patterns and patterns of colors, and can print the logo of the manufacturer.

Elemental Composition of 8079 Aluminum Foil

What is the composition of alloy foil 8079?Is 8079 aluminum foil 100% aluminum? 8079 aluminum foil contains a high proportion of aluminum metal, but in order to improve certain properties, it also contains some other metal elements.

Elements Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Others Al
Content 0.05~0.30 0.7~1.3 ≤0.05 ≤0.05 ≤0.1 0.15-0.35 ≤0.10 0.15 Remain

The difference between 8011 aluminum foil and 8079 aluminum foil

1. Corrosion resistance.
The Si content of 8011 aluminum foil is higher than that of 8079 aluminum foil, and 8011 aluminum foil contains Mn and Mg elements, while 8079 aluminum foil does not contain these two elements, so the strength and corrosion resistance of 8011 aluminum foil are higher than 8079 aluminum foil;
2. Metal strength.
Aluminum foil 8011 has high strength, but the corresponding elongation and puncture resistance in the same state are lower than that of 8079 aluminum foil. Therefore, in drug packaging, the aluminum foil coating on the back of the drug bag drug board is mostly 8011 aluminum foil, and the sealing and Blister aluminum and tropical aluminum with higher elongation requirements mostly use 8021 aluminum foil and 8079 aluminum foil;
3. Application.
Aluminum foil 8011 is more widely used and can be used in many fields such as drug packaging, food packaging, lunch box material, tape foil, cable foil, milk cap material, bottle cap material, etc., while 8079 aluminum foil is relatively expensive and is mostly used for relatively high requirements. High lithium battery soft-wrapped aluminum-plastic film and blister drug packaging.

8079 pharma foil packaging supplier

HWPFP (Huawei Pharma Foil Packaging) is a large-scale 8079 aluminum foil raw material manufacturer in China. The 8079 aluminum foil provided by our export has good strength, elongation and compressibility. It is the top ten 8079 aluminum foil supplier in China.

pharma packaging 8079 aluminum foil

pharma packaging 8079 aluminum foil product

Mechanical properties of 8079 aluminum alloy foil:

Alloy&Temper Thickness(mm) Tensile strength
0.006-0.009 50-100
>0.009-0.025 55-100
>0.025-0.04 55-110
>0.04-0.09 60-120
>0.09-0.14 60-120 13
>0.14-0.2 60-120 15
8079 H18 aluminum 0.035-0.2 ≥160
8079 H19 aluminum 0.035-0.2 ≥170
8079 H22 aluminum 0.035-0.04 90-150
>0.04-0.09 90-150
>0.09-0.14 90-150 5
>0.14-0.2 90-150 6
8079 H24 aluminum 0.035-0.04 120-170 2
>0.04-0.09 120-170 3
>0.09-0.14 120-170 4
>0.14-0.2 120-170 5
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