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7 microns pharmaceutical aluminum foil


7 microns pharmaceutical aluminum foil

Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil

The common thickness range of pharmaceutical aluminum foil is 7-30 micron. This thickness can not only retain the characteristics of aluminum alloy foil, but also be the most suitable material for pharmaceutical packaging. As a pharmaceutical packaging material, 7mic aluminum foil has the characteristics of being light, soft, and corrosion-resistant. As a packaging material, it can well preserve pharmaceuticals.

7mic aluminum foil

7mic aluminum foil for pharma

7 mic aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging

Drugs are related to people’s health, because the selection of drug packaging materials has high requirements. It must be able to protect the drugs to the greatest extent, so that the drugs can exert their best medicinal properties when used, and the packaging materials must be easier to process. Therefore, aluminum foil is a very suitable raw material to produce pharmaceutical packaging.

Aluminum foil with a thickness of 7 microns is a thickness that meets the requirements for pharmaceutical packaging, 7 microns (0.007 mm), which is a relatively thin aluminum foil commonly used for blister packaging of tablets and capsules.
Aluminum foil 7 mic used in blister packaging can effectively block light, moisture and contaminants, helping to maintain the integrity and stability of pharmaceuticals.

Characteristics of 7 micron foil product packaging

The thickness of aluminum foil determines the characteristics of the finished medicinal packaging materials to a certain extent. Aluminum foil with a thickness of 7mic can provide a lot of protection for medicinal purposes.

Excellent barrier properties: 7mic thin aluminum foil provides a barrier that protects pharmaceutical products from external factors such as moisture, oxygen and light, improving the quality and shelf life of pharmaceutical products.

Flexible packaging: The thin 7mic aluminum foil specification is flexible, making it easier to form blister packages that can accommodate individual tablets or capsules, reducing the difficulty of processing.

Better cost-effectiveness: Thinner foils are generally more cost-effective than thicker foils, resulting in less expense.

Surface Printability: 7micron aluminum foil makes it easy to print important information such as dosing instructions, expiration dates and branding. It is vital that pharmaceutical packaging can provide the necessary information to consumers.

Tamper-proof performance: Blister packaging made of 0.007mm aluminum foil has a certain degree of tamper-proof capability, which to a certain extent ensures that the product will not be altered before reaching the consumer.

Thickness of medicinal aluminum foil

The thickness of aluminum foil for medicinal packaging determines the transmittance, corrosion resistance, etc. of the medicinal blister. The common thickness range is 7-70micron (0.007-0.07mm). The common thicknesses are as follows.

Thickness(μm) Thickness(mm) Features
7 microns 0.007mm Relatively thin, often used in blister packaging of tablets and capsules.
20 microns 0.02mm Thicker foil that provides higher barrier properties, often used in strip packaging or individual unit dose packaging.
25 microns 0.025mm Commonly used in blister packaging of pharmaceutical products to provide a balance between flexibility and barrier properties.
30 microns 0.03mm Another common thickness for blister packs, providing enhanced protection for the encapsulated drug.
40 microns 0.04mm Thicker foils of 40 microns (0.04 mm) are sometimes used for special applications requiring greater strength or additional protection


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