Alu Alu,Double Aluminum,Strip Foil Pharmaceutical Packaging Difference

【Strip Foil Knowledge】Alu Alu, Double aluminum, Strip Foil Pharmaceutical Packaging Difference

Aluminum foil materials are widely used in our lives, among which we have the most contact and use the most widely used medical aluminum foil packaging. In this regard, many people tend to confuse various types of aluminum foil packaging materials. Today, I will help you sort out the differences between several common aluminum foil materials.

strip foil pharmaceutical packaging

Question 1:

What is the difference between alu alu, double aluminum, strip foil pharmaceutical, and so on?

Answer 1:

Alu alu = double aluminum: both sides of the medicine are aluminum foil. (also named Cold Formed Foil)
Easy-tear film for medicinal packaging materials is also known as soft double aluminum, aluminum strip packaging medicinal composite film, also known as SP film, soft double aluminum, etc.

Question 2:

What are the advantages of each?

Answer 2:

Alu alu characteristics:

  1. Appearance: simple, elegant, and beautiful, it is the first choice for packaging health care products and medicines.
  2. Advantages compared with traditional PVC: Each blister forms an independent unit, which completely isolates water vapor, oxygen, and ultraviolet rays. Removing part of the contents of a tablet board will have no effect on other well-packaged drugs in the same drug board.
  3. Single packaging: Each cold blister forms an independent unit, which completely isolates water vapor, oxygen, and ultraviolet rays, and takes out part of the contents of the tablet, which has no effect on other well-packaged drugs in the same tablet.

Strip foil pharmaceutical:

  • The aluminum strip foil composite film has good shading performance, moisture-proof performance, sealing performance, etc.
  • The medicinal strip aluminum foil composite film is easy to tear and can be torn from any direction;
  • The tear aluminum foil composite film can be printed in 6 colors at most;

Rigid PVC for medicine

Question 3:

Instead of PVC, PE is used as the inner packaging material in direct contact with drugs, because chlorine is harmful to health. Why use PVC for aluminum and plastic?

Answer 3:

Not necessarily, the other side may be made of other materials, such as PVC/PVDC

Strip foil pharmaceutical on one side and PVC film on the other side.

For some larger dosage forms of pharmaceutical tablets or pharmaceutical tablets that are sensitive to ultraviolet light, have strong hygroscopicity, require heat and cold resistance, and require a long expiration date and improve the packaging grade, most of them use strip composite film packaging, referred to as SP (Strip Packing). It uses two layers of medicinal strip packaging film (SP) film to sandwich the tablets, and the unit medicines are separated by a certain distance. The two layers of SP film around the medicines are heat-sealed on the strip packaging machine, and the medicines are pressed between them. The upper tooth marks form a unit packaging form (single piece packaging or small packaging in rows).

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