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Cold-formed aluminum foil-a 100% moisture barrier material


Cold-formed aluminum foil-a 100% moisture barrier material

Cold-formed aluminum is a type of medical aluminum foil packaging, which is now also widely used. Cold-formed aluminum is also called cold aluminum, alu alu foil, etc. The common thermoformed aluminum foil blister is usually a thermoformed aluminum foil blister composed of aluminum foil paper and moisture-releasing film.

The cold-formed aluminum foil is different from this. A conventional blister is easily affected by light and air. Cold-formed aluminum foil is formed by cold pressing, which can protect the full-foil packaging of medicines to the highest degree. Many pharmaceutical packaging requires the use of aluminum foil packaging materials that are highly sensitive to moisture, and the use of cold-formed aluminum foil packaging has become more widespread.

An important reason why cold-formed aluminum foil is chosen by more and more people is that cold aluminum can be used as a packaging blister material that completely blocks oxygen, light, and moisture.

alu alu foil

Conventional aluminum foil/aluminum foil blister packaging includes a laminate of plastic films (PVC or PE), adhesives, foils, adhesives, and outer plastic films. The outer plastic film can be PET or PVC, supporting a thin aluminum foil, and acting as a heat-sealing layer.
The aluminum layer is usually composed of a mixture of several very thin layers, not a single thick layer. Multiple layers help ensure that pinholes do not pass through the aluminum foil while also improving the tensile properties of the packaging material. The brittleness of cold-formed aluminum means that an aluminum foil/aluminum foil blister cannot be formed like a plastic blister. The multi-layer mixing is formed on the machine, filled, and finally sealed. Machine production executes these functions in sequence.

In the process of forming cold-formed aluminum foil, the aluminum foil is molded by the mold to form a cavity. Therefore, it is more expensive than the hot forming process, and it is slightly more expensive on the mold than the hot forming. Moreover, in the process of cold forming aluminum foil packaging, the cavity must be larger than in the thermoforming process, increasing the packaging area, which can allow the product to move in the blister.

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