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Five characteristics that pharmaceutical packaging needs to have


Five characteristics that pharmaceutical packaging needs to have

1. Advanced new scientific research achievements and new design methods can make visual communication design form a new brand image, thereby promoting changes in aesthetics. Designers should flexibly use today’s advanced technology and choose a new design and production method, so as to create a pharmaceutical packaging design that is in line with the times and is acceptable to everyone.

2. Convenience A successful drug packaging design should be convenient, which is the basic requirement for safeguarding the rights and interests of customers. Whether it is in the application of drugs or the use of packaging, they are all characteristics that must be possessed. The rational arrangement of text and pattern design, and the design of packaging structure are also the keys to whether drug packaging can be easily used by consumers.

3. Creativity Along with the development of the period, everyone’s aesthetic level has been greatly improved, and many products have higher aesthetic requirements. Contemporary pharmaceutical packaging designers should conform to the current aesthetics and design packaging works with modern beauty. The design of drug packaging has always been lack of creativity. Simple graphic splicing and frequent use of Chinese herbal medicine elements have long become a Go-style.

4. The design of artistic drug packaging is unique, and the pattern design cannot be used with a figurative storyline and a brand image of human organs to prevent the expansion of publicity and planning. The design of drug packaging should not be a step-by-step process, but should be an artistic reflection. It is necessary not only to draw the essence from traditional culture, but also to reflect modern aesthetics, in order to create a variety of drug packaging designs, and then to reflect its inner letter.

5. There are still differences in design between Chinese and external, such as children and the elderly’s application of common sense, there is no Chinese-English comparison in the text layout, and there are certain errors in the understanding of colors. In order to meet these needs, the design of drug packaging should also change its design creativity in time. In addition to integrating into Chinese consumption, it is also necessary to fully consider the use of overseas customers to design drug packaging that can be used all over the world.

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