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How long is the service life of blister foil?


How long is the service life of blister foil?

Blister foil is commonly used in pharmaceutical packaging and its service life depends on a variety of factors, including storage conditions, handling and the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical product it protects. Blister foil is typically made from aluminum and may have additional layers, such as a heat-seal coating or other barrier materials, to ensure the integrity of the package contents.

Here are some factors that may affect the service life of blister foil:

Barrier Properties: Blister foil is designed to provide a barrier against moisture, light, oxygen and other external factors that may degrade the quality of the drug product. The effectiveness of these barrier properties affects the shelf life of the product.

Storage Conditions: Proper storage conditions, including temperature and humidity control, are critical to maintaining the effectiveness of blister foil. Exposure to extreme temperatures or high humidity can affect barrier properties and overall performance.

Handling and Shipping: Care must be taken during handling to prevent damage to the blister foil during manufacturing, packaging and shipping. Any punctures, tears, or other physical damage will compromise its ability to protect the medicine.

Sealing quality: The heat sealing process used to seal the blister foil around the drug product is critical. To maintain barrier properties and protect the contents from external factors, a secure and even seal is required.

Product Compatibility: The type of drug product being packaged affects the choice of blister foil and its longevity. Some products may have specific requirements or interactions with packaging materials.

In general, if stored and handled properly, blister foil can help protect and preserve pharmaceutical products, helping to extend their shelf life.

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