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How to guarantee the production of medicinal ptp aluminum foil?


How to guarantee the production of medicinal ptp aluminum foil?

In daily life, the application of medical aluminum foil is very extensive and mature, the general drug packaging in drugstores is mostly in the form of aluminum foil packaging. The main uses of medicine foil areas capsules, tablets, blister packaging, and powder particles, water bag packaging. Pharmaceutical foils are stable in chemical and physical characteristics and can be directly contacted as food grade. Because of this, the country has strict requirements on the appearance and performance of pharmaceutical foils, and every step of the production process of pharmaceutical foils needs to be strictly controlled.

The packaging materials of general pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil are mostly 8011 alloy foil with a thickness of 0.02mm and an alloy state of H18. The general process is as follows: billet inspection → rolling → rolling → rolling → cutting → checking, packing, and warehousing. 3 mm(H14) →0. 145 mm→01072mm→0. 032 mm→2 × 0.02 mm(H18). The first and second processes are rolled on roughing mill (roll crown is 0. 09 mm, Ra value is 0. 3μm). The third and fourth passes are rolled on the middle roll (roll crown is 0. 10 mm, Ra value is 0. 15μm), which can be modded according to specific product requirements. The rolling time of each process is also different.

Medicinal foil production process

The main process of foil production is simply to effectively fuse various materials under the control of certain technological parameters. In this process, the adhesive coating on the surface of the original aluminum foil film, film quality can directly affect the heat sealing strength of the product. In this process, the more important parameters include the speed of coating, the temperature of the section of the drying road, the shape, depth, line number, and the position and angle of the scraper of the coating roller.

In the whole process, the coating speed determines the drying time of the coating in the drying channel. If the coating speed is too fast and the drying temperature is too high, the solvent on the coating surface will evaporate too fast, resulting in the residual solvent in the film. The drying of the coating is not enough, and it is difficult to form a dry and strong adhesive layer. This situation is easy to affects the heat sealing strength of the product, resulting in adhesion between different product layers.

During the processing of the applicator roll checker shape, depth, line number, and the location of the scraper, Angle determines the thickness of the coating film and uniformity, the process, if the choice on the selection of inappropriate or adjust has deviation, glue cannot be evenly coated in the original aluminum foil membrane caused by uneven surface, this will affect the heat sealing effect of the products, The strength of aluminum foil produced will also be affected. In this case, it is likely that it will be difficult to meet the qualified standard coating worldwide, the general difference should be less than ±12.5%. Therefore, it is necessary to complete the process of coating the adhesive layer in strict accordance with the parameters specified by the factory, so as to ensure that the film is uniform and strong.

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