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Is 3003 aluminum foil suitable for pharmaceutical packaging materials?


Is 3003 aluminum foil suitable for pharmaceutical packaging materials?

No, 3003 aluminum foil is not typically used for pharmaceutical packaging materials. Pharmaceutical packaging requires specific properties such as high barrier protection, stability, and compatibility with drugs. While aluminum foil is commonly used for pharmaceutical packaging due to its excellent barrier properties and protection against moisture, light, and gases, the specific alloy and temper are carefully chosen to meet the required standards.

In pharmaceutical packaging, commonly used aluminum foil alloys include 8021, 8011, and 8079. These alloys offer better performance in terms of barrier properties and flexibility.

8011, 8021 and 8079. These aluminum alloys have many characteristics suitable for use as pharmaceutical packaging materials.

8011 aluminum alloy: This is a commonly used aluminum alloy with good oxidation resistance and good sealing performance. It is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, especially for tablets, capsules and liquid medicines.

8021 aluminum alloy: 8021 aluminum alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and high strength, and also has good oxidation resistance. It is commonly used in high-barrier packaging in pharmaceutical packaging, such as pharmaceutical blisters, frozen pharmaceutical packaging, and sensitive pharmaceutical packaging.

8079 aluminum alloy: 8079 aluminum alloy is an aluminum alloy with good flexibility and high barrier properties. It is often used in liquid pharmaceutical packaging, such as oral liquid, eye drops and injections.

They are specifically designed to provide a stable and protective environment for pharmaceutical products.


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