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Medicinal packaging on tablets — 8021 aluminum foil


Medicinal packaging on tablets — 8021 aluminum foil

Under the global new crown epidemic, medicine has become an item we are accustomed to. There is a layer of packaging on the surface of the medicines we take. Most of this packaging is made of aluminum foil. The common packaging used for the surface of medicines is 8011 type aluminum foil and 8021 type aluminum foil. For example, our most common cold medicine, the surface packaging is 8021 aluminum foil.

Some people may wonder why medicines are packaged with aluminum foil?
We all know that the preservation of medicinal properties of medicines has strict requirements on materials. In the early days, when people packaged medicines, they tried to use paper, plastic, nylon and other materials for packaging, but the results were not satisfactory. Later, people discovered the material of aluminum foil, and said aluminum alloy was cut into 0.045mm-0.1mm thick foil for the packaging of medicines.

The aluminum foil has good metal toughness, and the dense aluminum oxide film on the surface can also ensure that the medicine is not corroded and corroded in a humid environment, which greatly prolongs the shelf life of the medicine. With the further enhancement of people’s technical means, 8021 aluminum foil has better metal properties, and more and more are used in the packaging of medicines.

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