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Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil That Can Prevent Counterfeiting


Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil That Can Prevent Counterfeiting

As a good pharmaceutical packaging material, aluminum foil is widely used in the packaging of various drugs. However, there are some bad drug packaging manufacturers, rough manufacturing, production of some fake unreliable packaging aluminum foil. Some manufacturers in order to avoid their products by other unqualified products mixed together, began to promote anti-counterfeiting aluminum foil.
The circulation of anti-counterfeiting aluminum foil on the market is relatively few, most of the aluminum foil packaging is not with anti-counterfeiting conditions. Anti-counterfeiting aluminum foil is simply in the original medical aluminum foil by printing coating transfer on the surface or on the aluminum foil itself through special mechanical processing PEP, the two kinds of aluminum foil produced are called anti-counterfeiting aluminum foil.

According to the needs of anti-counterfeiting can be different ways of anti-counterfeiting printing, roughly can be divided into ink printing anti-counterfeiting, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting, labeling anti-counterfeiting and format anti-counterfeiting. These anti-counterfeiting forms also have a certain distinction, in general, the application of anti-counterfeiting aluminum foil is not very common.

In order to solve the technical problems of aluminum foil anti-counterfeiting, some people put forward the relevant anti-counterfeiting aluminum foil setting technology scheme. This anti-counterfeiting method is composite aluminum foil, including aluminum foil, aluminum foil as the basic layer, the lower surface of aluminum foil coated with adhesive resin layer, the upper surface of aluminum foil coated with printing layer; The upper surface of the printing layer is coated with an anti-counterfeiting layer; The upper surface of the anti-counterfeiting layer and the lower surface of the adhesive resin layer are coated with a protective film layer.

The selection and sequence of protective film layer is composed of high temperature resistant layer, uv resistant layer and moisture resistance layer from top to bottom. The thickness of aluminum foil is set in the range of 0.005-0.009mm; The thickness of the protective film is about 0.015mm.
The thickness of high temperature resistant layer, uv resistant layer and moisture resistant layer is 0.004mm, 0.007mm and 0.005mm respectively.

Anti-counterfeiting aluminum foil
The thickness of the printing layer is 0.003-0.005mm, the printing layer is printing glue, the coating amount of printing glue is 0.9-1.4g/㎡; The thickness of the anti-counterfeiting layer is 0.004-0.008mm, the anti-counterfeiting layer is anti-counterfeiting ink, and the coating amount of anti-counterfeiting ink is 0.8-1.2g/㎡. These data according to the specific situation of the production line to carry out different Settings of adhesive resin layer for adhesive resin, adhesive resin coating amount of 0.5-1.5g/㎡.
This kind of anti-counterfeiting aluminum foil is easier to do, with strong anti-counterfeiting performance, which will not delay the production of the product. At the same time, the whole aluminum foil is effectively protected, which effectively saves costs and increases the service life.

In the future, aluminum foil packaging has a good market prospect, and people’s requirements on the authenticity and quality of products will be more and more strict, so anti-counterfeiting aluminum foil has a good development in the future.

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