Tropical blister foil packaging that replaces traditional thermoplastic aluminum

The advantage of tropical blister foil

Tropical foil is a commonly used medical aluminum foil packaging material, used as a shielding layer for plastic packaging. In fact, tropical blister foil is a composite packaging aluminum foil, which is composed of thermoformed aluminum-plastic blister and cold-formed aluminum foil.

The shortcomings of traditional aluminum-plastic packaging

Traditional aluminum-plastic packaging sometimes cannot be consistent with the medicinal blister. This inconsistency often leads to poor water resistance and light resistance of the packaging, which is not conducive to the preservation of drug properties and drug storage. With people’s demand for medicinal packaging, traditional packaging methods will inevitably fail to meet people’s needs. What follows is a new type of aluminum-plastic packaging – tropical foil packaging has gradually replaced traditional aluminum-plastic packaging and has become pharmaceutical packaging. The mainstream choice in.

Good properties of tropical foil

This kind of tropical foil packaging has a good protective effect and can avoid the damage of drugs to the air humidity, oxygen, optical fiber, and other ultraviolet rays. In addition to these stable and good physical and chemical properties, tropical aluminum foil can also be designed with more content in appearance, such as the printing design of packaging appearance, so that medicinal packaging can be used more.


The tropical blister foil is a special composite structure composed of nylon, aluminum, and adhesive. This combination ensures the good ductility and barrier properties of the tropical foil. In fact, tropical blister foil is a sheet that combines the above three materials through special equipment at a certain temperature and pressure. The purpose of this approach is to improve the barrier performance of traditional aluminum-plastic packaging. With the advancement and improvement of the design technology, the current tropical foil packaging is more streamlined and a more convenient way is to cover the back of the PVC blister with an aluminum-plastic composite film to form a tropical blister aluminum packaging.

The broad packaging value of tropical foil also allows more medicinal manufacturers to choose it, and in the future medicinal packaging industry, the tropical foil will go further.

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