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Pharmaceutical blister packs and foil faq


Pharmaceutical blister packs and foil faq

1. Can Pharmaceutical blister packs and foil be stored at ultra-high temperature?

Medicinal aluminum foil is often used in the packaging of medicines in daily life, and cannot be stored and used under ultra-high temperature.

2. Pharmaceutical blister packs process

Aluminum raw materials have multiple processing steps before they become aluminum foil, and some of them need to be hot rolled or cold rolled. The surface of the original aluminum foil is processed into a sponge-like structure to increase its surface area and then anodized by electro-etching foil, which will form a dense aluminum oxide film on the surface of the aluminum foil to protect the product from corrosion…

3. How to clean pharmaceutical blister packs after punching?

There will be some debris and residues left on the surface of the aluminum foil after punching. At this time, the surface needs to be cleaned once, usually with a special cleaning agent.

4. How to calculate the weight and length of aluminum foil material?

There are many ways to weigh pharmaceutical blister packs, and composite materials are collectively referred to as basis weight (ie basis weight). Among them, the simplest and most direct weighing method is to measure the total weight of each square meter of foil with a microbalance and then convert the total weight according to the total square number.

5. What is the difference between PET paper and pharmaceutical blister packs?

PET paper and aluminum foil are different in the manufacturing process. PET (polyester) is a transparent plastic that is printed on the substrate (cardboard), then pasted with PET film, and then hot-stamped and rolled directly from aluminum foil.

6. What is the use of the aluminum foil empty plastic cover?

Leave a certain space to prevent the medicine from being squeezed by the packaging material and affecting the medicine.

7. Characteristics of pharmaceutical blister packs and foil

Because aluminum has the characteristics of light luster, strong reversal ability, good barrier property, impermeability to air and water vapor. This also ensures that the pharmaceutical blister packs can have the characteristics of strong temperature adaptability, high temperature or low-temperature shape stability, and strong light-shielding properties.

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