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PTP–Printing Process Of Blister Aluminum Foil


PTP–Printing Process Of Blister Aluminum Foil

PTP–Printing Process Of Blister Aluminum Foil

Blister aluminum foil is a kind of medicinal packaging material. Our common silver medicinal foil packaging on the market is mostly silver medicinal foil packaging. Nowadays, many pharmaceutical factories require printing content on the medicinal foil packaging, usually the introduction of the medicine, the logo of the medicine manufacturer, etc.
And the printing of medicinal foil also has a lot of special attention. It is necessary to consider the environmentally friendly and harmless printing method, but also the wear resistance and gloss of the printed material. Today I will talk with you: the process of aluminum foil blister printing what are the magical places.

ptp aluminium blister foil

Pharmaceutical “PTP” aluminum foil printing ink materials. At present, there are many types of printing inks on the market, with different brands. However, considering the printing process of medicinal “PTP” aluminum foil and the special requirements of pharmaceutical packaging, the printing ink must have good adhesion to the aluminum foil, the printed text pattern is firm and clear, the application of solvent release, and good heat resistance. Excellent friction resistance, good gloss, non-toxic pigments, no contamination of the packaged drugs due to the migration of chemical components in the ink, and the practical viscosity should meet the process requirements of aluminum foil printing.
Analyzing the requirements of these aspects, the printing inks currently used in aluminum foil are mainly divided into two categories: The first category is alcohol-soluble polyamide inks. Because polyamide resin has good adhesion to all kinds of materials, it is especially suitable for printing polyolefin films. In addition, it has good dispersibility, good gloss and softness, good abrasion resistance, good solvent release, and printability, so it is most It is used to prepare gravure surface printing inks for surface printing such as LDPE, CPP, OPP” etc. which are processed by various special plastic films. This type of ink has the characteristics of good gloss, wide application, anti-blocking, and easy drying. It is applied to the printing of medicinal “PTP” aluminum foil.
When used in aluminum foil printing, the excellent performance of the ink can be displayed, and the thermal property can also meet the requirements of aluminum foil printing and use. It is currently the most used type of medical aluminum foil printing, but this type of ink is after all It is not a special ink for surface printing on aluminum foil. Ink peeling has occurred when printing on a large surface of aluminum foil.
At present, there are already domestic ink factories that can produce polyamide inks for aluminum foil gravure surface printing. The use of some users shows that the ink has a good heat resistance and strong adhesion. It is heat-sealed at 200C. The printed text pattern remains clear and does not change color.

The second type of ink is special ink for aluminum foil with vinyl chloride vinyl acetate copolymer resin/acrylic resin as the main component. This is a newly developed gravure ink, which is characterized by bright color, high concentration, strong adhesion to aluminum foil, and good transparency. The metal of aluminum foil has excellent gloss reproducibility. However, since it is an intaglio printing ink, its solvent has high volatility. When it is used for aluminum foil surface printing, it is easy to cause the ink in the inking hole of the gravure roller to dry and produce a paste phenomenon, which affects the printing quality.
Both of the above two inks are insufficient for printing on the surface of medicinal aluminum foil. If it is to adjust the mixed solvent composition of the second type of special ink for aluminum foil to meet the needs of aluminum foil surface printing, it will be more applied to aluminum foil printing.

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