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Quality Factors Affecting Medicinal Aluminum Foil


Quality Factors Affecting Medicinal Aluminum Foil

1. Bursting strength of aluminum foil:
During use, if the inherent quality of medicinal aluminum foil is poor, foil breakage and rupture will often occur in production, thus affecting the printing and coating. If the aluminum foil is broken in the drying tunnel of the printing machine, due to the high temperature of the drying tunnel, it is generally necessary to cool down before connecting, which affects the production progress, so it is necessary to sample and test the aluminum foil.
The testing instrument is a burst strength tester. The method is to take three 40 mm x 40 mm samples from the finished product, put them in the gap of the instrument one by one, turn on the oil pump, and measure the value indicated on the pressure gauge. The burst strength should be greater than 98Kpa.

2. The thickness of aluminum foil is uneven, which affects the coating quality: the standard thickness of medicinal aluminum foil is 0.02 ± 0.002 mm, the thickness detection is often to check the thickness and width of the aluminum foil before the machine, and the thickness detection application accuracy is 0.5- 1.Oum of the microcard or LG-l optical thickness measurement.
The width of the foil shall be measured with a steel ruler with a division value of 0.5 mm, and the length shall be measured with a counter. In the actual production process, it was found that the thickness of many aluminum foils exceeded the deviation requirements, and the thickness was uneven, resulting in uneven coating amount of protective agent and adhesive during the printing and coating process, and finally affecting the tightness of the finished aluminum foil winding and The flatness of the end face also affects the packaging quality of the product.

3. Oil stains and indentations on the surface of the aluminum foil material affect the quality of the finished product: If there are serious quality defects such as oil stains or indentations on the surface of the aluminum foil, it will not only affect the clarity and integrity of printing and text patterns, but also cause serious oil stains on the original aluminum foil when applying gold. , there will be color fading, fading and affect the coating quality of protective agent and adhesive, affect the adhesion of protective agent adhesive and aluminum foil, seriously affect the sealing performance of finished aluminum foil and PVC hard sheet, thus reducing the drug Security of packaging.

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