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The best pharmaceutical packaging in the 1000 series aluminum alloy


The best pharmaceutical packaging in the 1000 series aluminum alloy

Among the 1000 series aluminum foils, there is a type of aluminum foil that can be used as pharmaceutical packaging, that is, 1235 aluminum foil. PTP blister foil packaging 1235 is a common type of drug packaging. 1235 PTP blister foil packaging refers to a specific type of packaging material used in the pharmaceutical industry.

PTP 1235 Material: 1235 PTP (Press Through Packaging) blister foils are typically made from aluminum alloy 1235, which is known for its excellent barrier properties, light weight and flexibility.

PTP blister 1235 structure: the foil consists of multiple layers. The innermost layer is made of aluminum to block moisture, oxygen and light. This is followed by a layer of heat seal lacquer that allows the foil to be easily sealed to the blister backing material. The outer layer is usually painted with a printing primer or other protective coating.

Uses: PTP blister foil is mainly used for packaging of pharmaceutical tablets, capsules and other solid dosage forms. The foils form individual blister cavities, each containing a single dose of medicament. Blister chambers protect contents from environmental elements and provide tamper-resistant packaging.

PTP blister 1235 foil Features
PTP blister foils offer several benefits, including:

Barrier protection: The aluminum layer can effectively block moisture, oxygen, ultraviolet rays and other pollutants, ensuring the stability and integrity of packaged pharmaceutical products.

Printability: Important product information such as drug name, dosage, batch number and expiration date can be printed on the outer layer of the foil.

Easy access to medicines: PTP blister foils are designed for easy dispensing. The blister cavities are usually arranged in a standard grid pattern and can be easily pushed by applying pressure, allowing individual doses to be easily removed.

Tamper-proof: Since the blister cavity is heat-sealed, any attempt to tamper with the package will be visible through tamper evidence on the foil, ensuring the safety and integrity of the medication.

Compatibility: PTP blister foil is compatible with a variety of blister packaging machines, making it a versatile choice for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Overall, 1235 PTP blister foil packaging is a widely used and trusted solution in the pharmaceutical industry due to its protective properties, ease of use, and tamper-resistant features.

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