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The difference between medicinal PVC and medicinal blister foil


The difference between medicinal PVC and medicinal blister foil

Pharmaceutical PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and pharmaceutical blister foil (Blister Foil) are both common packaging materials in the pharmaceutical industry, but they have obvious differences in structure, use and properties.

Medicinal packaging materials:

Medicinal PVC: This is a plastic film, usually transparent or translucent, made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is commonly used in the manufacture of tablet blister sheets (the outer packaging film of tablet packages) in pharmaceutical packaging.

Medicinal Blister Foil: Medicinal blister foil is usually made of aluminum and has one side of the aluminum foil, usually silver, and the other side, usually a colored plastic film. This structure allows the creation of a sealed, moisture-proof package suitable for solid dosage forms.

Medicinal materials are used for different purposes:

Pharmaceutical PVC: Mainly used to make tablet blister packs, the purpose of which is to provide a visible, easy-to-tear outer packaging so that patients can see the tablets and take them out easily.

Pharmaceutical Blister Foil: Pharmaceutical blister foil is often used to create airtight, moisture-proof packaging to protect solid dosage forms (such as tablets or capsules) from air, moisture, and other external factors.

The properties of the two materials are different:

Medicinal PVC: Typically flexible, easily moldable, transparent or translucent, used to provide visibility.

Pharmaceutical blister foil: Usually moisture-proof, it usually includes a layer of aluminum foil, which makes it have good moisture-proof properties and can maintain the stability of the medicine. It is usually opaque.

To summarize, pharmaceutical PVC is mainly used for external packaging, providing visibility and ease of access, while pharmaceutical blister foil is used to create airtight, moisture-proof inner packaging to ensure the quality and stability of medicines.

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