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Two elements of medicine aluminum foil printing!


Two elements of medicine aluminum foil printing!

As a good packaging material, aluminum foil has been widely used in pharmaceutical packaging. It is a very popular packaging material and the preferred pharmaceutical packaging material for many pharmaceutical companies.

Medicinal aluminum foil packaging has been affirmed by users all over the world, with excellent performance of non-toxic, moisture-proof, airtight, and fresh-keeping;

Good characteristics are one of the factors that make medicinal foil popular, and more importantly, aluminum foil can be printed on the surface, which plays a role in drug description and company promotion. However, the printing of aluminum foil has many requirements. Today, HWALU shares the printing process of medicinal aluminum foil with you.

medicine aluminum foil

The printing of medicinal aluminum foil needs to meet the following two elements:

First: Ensure that the aluminum foil has a smoother surface, which is conducive to the transfer and absorption of ink.
The aluminum foil layer has a compact structure and almost no voids on the surface and does not have the absorption and penetration properties of paper. Therefore, the binder, solvent, and moisture in the ink layer after printing cannot be absorbed and stay on the surface of the aluminum foil, which affects the initial drying speed of the ink layer and causes the printing to be dirty.

Second: control the humidity and temperature of the processing environment. Aluminum foil paper has a large difference in physical properties such as density, strength, and stability between the surface aluminum foil layer and the backing paper. These two materials with different properties are compounded together, the expansion rate is inconsistent, and it is easily affected by ambient temperature and humidity.

It should be known that the common structure of medicinal aluminum foil is composite aluminum foil, which is mainly composed of a paper base (aluminum foil backing paper), aluminum foil, and color coating. In order to achieve the perfect coating printing, you need to control the details of each step.

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