What are the characteristics of medicine foil PTP packaging?

PTP aluminum foil, also known as aluminum-plastic blister packaging and blister packaging, is the main packaging form in other fields such as food, health care products, and medicine.

Structural features: PTP medicinal aluminum foil structure: protective layer (OP), outer printing layer, aluminum foil substrate (AL), inner printing layer, adhesive (VC), etc.

Alloy characteristics: PTP medicinal aluminum foil alloy: 8011-H18 aluminum foil, 8011-O state aluminum foil, etc., the thickness is 0.016-0.04mm

Features of packaging materials: Because aluminum foil has a highly dense metal crystal structure and can block gas, it is widely used. Almost all products in modern packaging that require opaque or high-barrier composite materials use aluminum foil as a barrier layer.

Pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil is non-toxic, odorless, light in weight, has excellent shading properties, high moisture resistance and barrier properties. PTP medicinal aluminum foil substrates can be divided into hard aluminum foil and soft aluminum foil. The former is mostly used for the blister packaging of tablets and capsules, and the latter is generally used for the outer packaging of powder granules and powder composite flexible packaging.

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