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.014mm thick aluminum foil


.014mm thick aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is a widely used material. .014mm thick aluminum foil is a very thin aluminum sheet that has a variety of uses. It is most commonly used in the packaging of pharmaceutical products and is also widely used in food packaging.

0.014mm is equivalent to 14 microns (μm) or 0.000014 meters, and is widely used in pharmaceutical blister foil packaging.

This thickness is very thin even for aluminum foil. Standard household aluminum foil is typically about 0.016 mm (16 microns) thick, so 0.014 mm is slightly thinner than the aluminum foil commonly found in kitchens. Used in pharmaceutical packaging, it can have better sealing performance and better protect the properties of drugs.

Although 0.014mm (or 14μm) thick aluminum foil has good barrier properties, when used as a medicinal packaging material, the barrier properties, drug sensitivity, packaging methods, and compatibility of .014mm foil need to be considered. These can all be very good . Only when it is satisfied can it be used as medicinal packaging materials.

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