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Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil Packaging

What is pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging?

Medicinal aluminum foil packaging is a deep-processed product of aluminum alloy raw materials. The main raw materials are 8011 aluminum foil and 8021 aluminum foil of 8000 series. Widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants for surface packaging of capsules, tablets, and other drugs. It has the advantages of good drug moisture-proof, light-proof, and sealing.

Why choose aluminum foil as medicine packaging?

At present, the packaging of medicines on the market, including some health food and medicine tablets and capsules, is more and more common in the form of blister (also known as blister packaging, referred to as PTP: PressThrough Packaging), and the packaging materials used are aluminum foil production and processing. completed. Modern pharmaceutical packaging requires packaging materials that are 100% waterproof, vapor-proof and light-tight, and this aluminum foil material can perfectly meet the packaging requirements when sealing drugs. As a material with complete barrier properties, medicinal aluminum foil is used more and more widely, and its market share is also increasing.

pharmaceutical blister packaging features

1. The density of aluminum is low, and the aluminum foil is lighter.
2. Pharmaceutical glass packaging material is non-toxic and tasteless.
3. Pharmaceutical packaging blisters are safe for human health and have no pollution from medicines.
4. The surface is beautiful in color and can be printed.
5. Packaging pharmaceutical has a certain strength and ductility, easy to process.
6. Pharmaceutical packaging foil is wear-resistant, long-term use can effectively protect the packaged medicines.

How does aluminum foil become a foil blister?

The aluminum foil for pharmaceutical blister packaging is generally a multi-layer composite structure, which must have an aluminum foil layer, a printing layer, an adhesive layer, and some will also be compounded with PVC PVDC and so on. Take conventional blister aluminum foil as an example: the surface of “PTP” aluminum foil is composed of a protective layer/printing layer/aluminum foil layer/printing layer/adhesive layer. The most basic components must be a protective layer, aluminum foil layer, and adhesive layer. The covering material for the blister is basically aluminum foil, and the production of aluminum foil requires the combined operation of aluminum foil printing machine, coating machine, slitting machine, packaging machine, and other equipment to complete the whole production process.

pharmaceutical packaging blisters
The aluminum foil processed in the pharmaceutical packaging material industry is customarily called “original aluminum foil” or “original foil”. The original foil is made of electrolytic aluminum with a purity of more than 99% and is made by machine calendering.

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