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Structural characteristics of OPA/Alu/PVC Aluminum foil for Blister pack


Structural characteristics of OPA/Alu/PVC Aluminum foil for Blister pack

OPA/Alu/PVC aluminum foil for blister packaging is a specialized multilayer laminate used in the pharmaceutical industry to provide an effective barrier against moisture, oxygen, and light for the protection of medicines. Each layer in this laminate serves a specific purpose, and together, they create a structurally sound and efficient blister pack. Here are the structural characteristics of each layer:

OPA (Oriented Polyamide) Layer:

OPA is a high-performance thermoplastic film with excellent mechanical strength and puncture resistance.
It acts as the innermost layer of the blister pack, coming into direct contact with the pharmaceutical product.
OPA ensures that the medication remains protected from direct contact with the aluminum foil, preventing any potential reactions or interactions.

Alu (Aluminum) Layer:

The aluminum layer is the central component of the laminate, providing the primary barrier against moisture, gases, and light.
Aluminum is impermeable to water vapor and oxygen, thus protecting the medicine from moisture-related degradation and oxidation.
It also provides an excellent light barrier, safeguarding light-sensitive medications from degradation caused by exposure to UV rays.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Layer:

PVC is a rigid and transparent thermoplastic film with good chemical resistance.
It serves as the outermost layer of the blister pack, providing protection and visibility of the enclosed medication.
PVC also acts as a heat-seal layer, enabling the blister pack to be securely sealed after filling the medication.

Structural Characteristics and Functioning:

OPA/Alu/PVC aluminum foil for blister pack is a robust and versatile laminate that combines the advantageous properties of each individual layer.
The OPA layer provides a pharmaceutical-grade contact surface, preventing direct contact between the medication and the aluminum layer.
The Alu layer acts as a barrier, protecting the medicine from moisture, oxygen, and light, thereby ensuring its stability and shelf life.
The PVC layer, being transparent, allows easy identification of the enclosed medication and provides a tamper-evident seal for consumer safety.
Blister packs made with OPA/Alu/PVC aluminum foil are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for various solid oral dose forms like tablets and capsules. The structural characteristics of this laminate make it an ideal choice for preserving the efficacy and integrity of pharmaceutical products, meeting stringent quality standards and regulatory requirements.

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