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8021 Aluminum Foil For Pharma Blister Packaging


8021 Aluminum Foil For Pharma Blister Packaging

8021 aluminum foil for pharma overview

8021 aluminum foil is a machinable raw material of aluminum alloy, which is widely used in the packaging of medicines. Cold forming foil is produced by 8021 aluminum foil, which is the best composite plate of blocking performance with protection against water, oxygen, and UV radiation.
It is used for pharma blister packaging, especially for medicines that are highly hygroscopic light.

8021 aluminum foil

Features of 8021 aluminum foil for pharma

8021 aluminum foil is Huawei Aluminum‘s hot-selling aluminum foil product. Other trace metal elements are added to it, which greatly improves the physical and chemical properties of medicinal 8021 aluminum foil, avoids the shortcomings of pure aluminum foil, and has many outstanding features.
* The surface is clean and hygienic, and it is not easy to breed bacteria.
* Non-toxic and tasteless, does not affect the taste of the food itself, does not threaten human health.
* Resistant to high and low temperatures, and will not cause oil leakage due to temperature changes.
*High hardness and tension, but easy to tear.
* Opaque, avoid light exposure and protect packaged items for extended storage time.

8021 aluminum foil for pharma production instructions:

Temper: 8021 H18/19
Type: Roll/roll
Thickness: 0.045-0.03 (customizable)
Width: 50mm-600mm (can be customized)
Laqure Weight: 4gsm/7gsm
Surface State: Double light Aluminum Foil

8021 aluminum foil chemical composition:

Si: 0.50-0.9
Fe: 0.6-1.0
Cu: 0.10
Mn: 0.20
Mg: 0.05
Cr: 0.05
Zn: 0.10
Ti: 0.08

HWPFP 8021aluminum foil for pharma

HWPFP (Huawei Pharma Foil Pharma) 8021 alloy medicinal blister packaging aluminum foil can ensure stable production and on-time delivery. With the acceleration of the global economic integration process, HWPFP provides the first step products and the best service for our customers with the enterprise spirit of “global vision, open mind” and the work style of “integrity, dedication, and innovation”. So we are sure that you will make a profit by cooperating with us.

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