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Aluminum Foil For Blister Packaging–Best Protection For Your Medicines


Aluminum Foil For Blister Packaging–Best Protection For Your Medicines

What is aluminum blister foil?

0.02-0.075mm thick aluminium blister foil 8011 as well as 8021 O H18 are commonly used in the packaging of pharmaceuticals. In addition to printing, laminating, and laminating with another film, the aluminum foil for blister packaging must meet tight requirements, such as a consistent thickness & high tensile strength, for the medical aluminum foil. During the film formation, if the width of the aluminium foil is uneven, it is easy for the coating quantity of the adhesives to be hard to reach the specified coating amount, which affects the heat sealing power of the blister aluminium foil as well as the polyvinyl chloride tough sheet. Furthermore, low tensile strength causes the release to be applied during real processing and the manufacture of foil after winding tension is produced, which is not favorable to the regular manufacturing of the material. Therefore, manufacturers of raw material medicine aluminium foil must address these issues.

Aluminium foil for blister packaging

What material is used for blister packaging?

Aluminum foil for blister packaging industry can be made from various materials, including aluminum foil, cellophane, and PVDC-coated cellophane. In addition to its excellent gas permeability and moisture resistance, the high surface coating has excellent mechanical strength, does have certain elongation, and is resistant to harsh weather. As a result, the aluminium blister foil price is not that high. It’s also completely safe and nontoxic. As a result, aluminum foil for blister packaging made of soft aluminum is the most common material.

On the other hand, this soft aluminum foil is transparent, does not rust, and has a high degree of transparency. Therefore, PVDC is a highly protective coating for transparent strip packing films. In addition, PVDC is an excellent gas and water vapor barrier because of its high barrier characteristics. Therefore, it is common to utilize a reduced polyethylene material for the sealing layer, an innermost lining of a strip-shaped wrapping with outstanding heat sealing qualities, chemical stability and safety, and hygienic properties.

Nature’s aluminium foil for blister packaging

Understanding the coil as well as what happens to leftover rolling oil during annealing will help us comprehend how important the final heating stage is. The effective and accurate of a 6-micron-thick converter foil coil is lower than that of aluminum due to the presence of a gap among layers of less than 1 m.

This gap will be mostly filled with mill residue oil right after coiling. Mostly air should be added after annealing. During the final annealing process, the oil must evaporate and flow through this small space in order to reach the coil’s edges. The distance from the middle of the cell to the border of the coil can be up to 800 mm in length. Oil diffusion through all these gaps is a far cry from typical fluid dynamics, as well as the channel resembles more of a porous structure than a tunnel. The oil’s journey is made more complicated by the metal’s roughness, which is on par with the gap in size. Therefore, the aluminium blister foil price in India is optimum.

Oil removal is greatly influenced by a variety of factors, including the open hole between lanes, coil geometry, oil properties, operating temperatures, and vapor pressure. In addition, due to adsorption on aluminium foil surfaces, the dynamics, and energy associated with oil and additive chemistry must also be taken into account while rolling aluminium foil products.

Aluminium foil for blister packaging

Aluminium foil for blister packaging escorts medicines

Aluminium foil for blister packaging is used for packaging highly sensitive and expensive medications such as Cefixime Tablets, Ofloxacin Tablets, and Ciprofloxacin Tablets.Although the most expensive solution, it is considered the best choice to meet API barrier protection criteria. For making deep drawing blister cavities and sealing with regular aluminium lidding foil, this material has excellent stability, superb thermo-formability, and high malleability, making it an ideal choice for extending the shelf life of expensive pharmaceuticals and ensuring their efficient delivery to the customer. Nearly two-fifths (25%) of all pharmaceuticals on the markets are highly vulnerable to moisture, oxygen, UV, and heat deterioration.

On the other hand, stability testing can be used to assess whether a product requires a high degree of safety & Alu packing. The most prevalent type of pharmaceutical packaging for capsules and tablets is regular blister packaging, which has an aluminum lidding foil on one side and PVC film on the other, or additional PVC film constructions like PVC/PVDC and PVC/PE/PVDC on the opposite side of the blister pack. Alu alu blister packaging is more expensive than conventional blister packaging. In addition, PVC utilized is typically transparent; thus, the capsule or tablet may be seen within.

Aluminium foil for blister packaging FAQs

  1. What Is The OPA Film Thickness In Alu-Alu Foil?

At 25 microns, OPA (Nylon) Film is often used to make Alu Alu base foil as pharmaceutical blister packaging.

  1. Which Is The Most Popular Alu Alu Packing Film Specification?

Aluminium foil for blister packaging

Based on the barrier protection needs, size and type of filling cavity, machine type and speed, and other factors such as these, several structures are used to create alu-alu base foil. But 25-micrometer OPA / 45-micrometer Aluminum alloy Foil / 60-micrometer Polyvinyl chloride Film is the most widely used structure.

Aluminium foil for blister packaging summery

Aluminium foil for blister packaging is currently the most popular method pharmaceutical companies use to safeguard their precious medicines from deterioration due to environmental factors.

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