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Aluminum foil product processing technology of Huawei Aluminum


Aluminum foil product processing technology of Huawei Aluminum

Henan Huawei Aluminum has been exporting Aluminum products all the year-round, especially in the pharmaceutical Aluminum foil industry has achieved very good results, the export products have been supported and praised by more than 30 countries at home and abroad. For so many years, Huawei Aluminum has always adhered to perfect production technology in the production of Aluminum foil products and made the best products.

Huawei Aluminum Factory

Huawei Aluminum in cold punching processing technology, the use of material Aluminum particles. Using the extrusion machine and matching mold molding, solve the traditional drawing process is difficult to make product shapes, such as ellipse, square, product.

In the cold forming aluminum process, the tonnage of the machine used in production is related to the cross-sectional area of the product, and the clearance between the upper die punch and the lower die tungsten steel is the wall thickness of the product.

In this way, it has the advantage of shortening the mold opening cycle, reducing production costs, and ensuring quality. However, anyway has two sides, its deficiency is the whole production process is longer, the size of the product fluctuation is relatively high.

In terms of product stretching process, Huawei Aluminum takes Aluminum skin Aluminum plate as raw material, uses continuous mold machine and mold for multiple deformations to achieve the shape demand, the advantage of this way is that even if it is a more complex process and needs multiple deformation products can control and stabilize the size in the production process, The overall appearance of the product surface will be more clean and bright.

The deficiency is that the production of supporting mold development costs is higher, so the development cycle will be relatively long.

Each product has its own unique production process, but the ultimate goal is to make the product better. The Aluminum products produced by Huawei Aluminum have many advantages that cannot be matched by the industry, such as:

1. Low product density. Of course, this is mainly due to the good physical properties of aluminum itself.

2, high plasticity. The original raw materials after simple treatment, the production of the product ductility is good, can be made into a variety of supplies by extrusion, stretching and other pressure processing means.

3, easy to strengthen. The strength of pure Aluminum itself is not high, but Huawei Aluminum has a perfect technical means, through anodic oxidation can improve its strength.

4, easy surface treatment. The product is highly maneuverable and the surface treatment can further improve or change the surface properties of aluminum.

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