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Three-layer structure of cold-formed aluminum foil


Three-layer structure of cold-formed aluminum foil

Cold-formed aluminum foil, also known as a cold-stamped hard sheet, is widely used in the packaging of supplies. Because of its good product performance, cold-formed aluminum foil is affirmed and favored by users and packaging manufacturers of supplies. Cold-formed aluminum foil is actually an aluminum foil with a composite structure, not only the aluminum foil layer with a surface layer but also other composite films with added spokes, which is also an important reason why cold-formed aluminum foil can be popular in the market.

Cold-formed aluminum foil generally has three functional layers: a surface-supported strength layer, an intermediate aluminum foil as a barrier layer, and an inner surface heat-sealing layer. The surface support layer can be printed with the color or pattern required by the customer, and the layers are bonded together to form a composite film as a whole.


The second layer is the middle aluminum foil barrier layer. The packaging of medicines requires packaging materials to have good barrier properties. The biggest role of the middle aluminum foil layer is to be able to achieve good barrier protection. In addition, it is also required to support a certain degree of resistance to stamping and stretching. The structure of this layer is different from the general aluminum foil layer, and the high-strength ductile alloy aluminum foil is used.
In order to play a better role in protection, the thickness of the aluminum foil is also thicker than the conventional one, generally, 45μm thick aluminum foil is used.

The third layer is the inner surface heat-sealing layer
The inner surface heat-sealing layer of the cold-formed aluminum foil is generally made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hard sheet, and PVC is used as the surface material so that the cold-formed aluminum foil can be heat-sealed. In the molding process, due to the consideration of compounding and stamping, a method of adding a plasticizer factor to the PVC molecular segment will be used for internal plasticization and internal lubrication, and at the same time to improve the impact resistance of PVC. Therefore, the structure of the three layers can be more stable and have good characteristics.

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