Application prospects of medicinal PVC/PVDC

Application Widely Of Medicinal PVC/PVDC

Pharmaceutical Packaging PVC/PVDC Overview:

PVC medicinal tablets are mainly made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin with certain processing aids, through extrusion, calendering, and other processing methods to produce a novel packaging material that meets the requirements of medicinal use. It separates each tablet, pill, and capsule independently to make it the smallest packaging unit, which greatly improves the accuracy and safety of packaging pharmaceutical products.

PVDC  properties can be coated on PVC film for very high moisture and oxygen barrier properties, depending on coating weight. PVDC coated blister films are the most common and popular barrier films used for pharmaceutical blister packaging. PVDC coatings are also the most economical way to add water and oxygen resistance to PVC films.

Increasing Refinement Of Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials

After entering the 1990s, the safety of medication has received more and more attention. Because the ingredients of some medicines are susceptible to deliquescence and oxidation, the original PVC aluminum-plastic packaging can no longer meet the packaging requirements of these medicines. At this time, the R&D staff successfully developed a PVC medicinal sheet as the base material and added some high-barrier polymer materials (PVDC), which integrated the rigidity of PVC, good molding, and PVDC’s various odors to water vapor, oxygen, and CO2. It has excellent barrier properties and becomes a novel composite material that can meet the packaging requirements of deliquescent and easily oxidized medicines, and some Chinese medicines to retain the fragrance.


Wide Application Of Pharmaceutical Pvc

At the same time, it still uses the PTP aluminum-plastic packaging type, and the packaging equipment and technology are exactly the same as the PVC packaging materials. This series of composite materials can be customized packaging materials for the factory according to the degree of susceptibility to moisture and oxidation of drugs, and become a higher-level PTP packaging type. In addition, there are PVC/PE packaging materials instead of glass bottles to fill liquid and suppository medicines, which greatly improves the safety of this type of medicine.

The Rapid Development Of Medicinal Pvdc Wrap

As a special commodity, medicine is increasingly demanding on the packaging. The special physical properties of pvdc coating have attracted more and more attention, and are increasingly used in the packaging of medicines. These special physical properties include excellent barrier properties and chemical stability to oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide, and organic compounds. As more and more polymer materials are processed for pharmaceutical packaging, the only thing that is PVDC chloride has high barrier properties to water vapor and oxygen at the same time. In fact, many polymer materials have high barrier properties against water vapor, and a thin layer of PVDC on them will greatly enhance this performance. In addition, the PVDC coating can also block oxygen and other factors and preserve fragrance.High quality tablet packaging pvc/pvdc film will more popular.

PVC-PVDC film Pharmaceutical,
PVC-PVDC film Pharmaceutical

PVDC plastique also has the properties of acid resistance, alkali resistance, grease resistance, solvent resistance, and drug resistance, making it more suitable for various types of pharmaceutical packaging, especially those that are prone to deliquescent, prone to oxidation, or contain chemically active substances and require protection. Packaging for medicines that smell or block the absorption of peculiar smells.


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