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The issue of pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil


The issue of pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil

The issue of pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil

In recent years, the quality of pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil has continued to improve, and the scope of application has also continued to expand. Food, health care products, etc. Very large. In order to improve the quality of aluminum foil printing and its use, we will summarize several problems that appear frequently, have a large impact, and need to be solved urgently, and discuss them with everyone. H is to make the managers who use aluminum foil better Respond to the quality problems caused by it.

The concept of medicinal aluminum foil
The metal foils used in pharmaceuticals are all aluminum foils, which are called aluminum foils for pharmaceuticals (commonly known as PTP aluminum foils). The more formal name in the PTP aluminum foil industry is aluminum foils for pharmaceuticals, and also called aluminum foils for blister. The material and container registration certificate use “PTP$~foil for pharmaceuticals”. One of the main raw materials for the production of PTP aluminum foil is industrial hard pure aluminum foil, which is customarily called “primary aluminum foil” or original foil in the pharmaceutical material industry When used as pharmaceutical material, aluminum foil is the only metal material in the material.



Aluminum foil has:
(1) Non-toxic and tasteless;
(2) Excellent conductivity and shading;
(3 )Very high performance, gas barrier, and taste retention can be the most effective cover.

Therefore, it is a material that has not yet been replaced. No matter what kind of vapor-deposited metal film or special film can not completely replace aluminum foil. In the field of modern decoration, almost all soft materials that need to be opaque or Aluminum foil is used as the barrier layer. Because aluminum foil has the above advantages and is lightweight, it has certain characteristics with good printability, and various characters or patterns can be printed on it. When it is made into a blister, it is slightly used when it is used. It can be crushed by adding, and it is convenient for patients to take medicine and easy to carry.

Common quality problems of aluminum foil printing
In the process of printing aluminum foil, some quality problems often occur, which can be summarized as the following common defects.
(1) The printing quality of aluminum foil does not meet the standard requirements. Common problems are: the printing is illegible, and the printing is misaligned, especially the overprinted aluminum foil. The reasons for the blurred printing font:
⑴Viscosity is too low; (2) The sharp knife has corrugated deformation; (3) The angle of the scraper to the printing plate is not appropriate: (4) The tension of the aluminum foil is not adjusted well; (5) Too slow; (6) Running speed Inconsistent.

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