Blister Aluminum Foil Is Praised By People

Blister packaging is a common way of medicine packaging is put drugs in the pits of vacuum forming of the plastic plate (the pit is called blister or bubble eyes), drug in bubble inside, with a pass intaglio printing (some will be coated with protective agent and adhesive) of aluminum foil and the plastic plate bonding heat sealing and medicine, were sealed within the blister So that the drug is safe protection.

The main materials of blister packaging are pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil, plastic sheet polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and adhesive composite materials. This kind of packaging material is widely loved and used by pharmaceutical manufacturers and users. On the one hand, this kind of material saves the production cost and the overall price of drugs is favorable. On the other hand, it is attributed to the excellent physical and chemical properties of bubble cover aluminum foil.

medicine pvc film

一、Blister aluminum foil bubble cover has excellent airtight performance

?Has good barrier performance to oxygen, water, and light, and can be used for single-dose packaging to isolate air, avoid light and moisture

?To enhance the shelf life of products, long-term maintenance of product characteristics.

?Extruded film coil can be made of multilayer film or transparent barrier film.

?Aluminum foil options range from 9 microns to 25 microns.

?Can heat seal with PVC, PVDC, and other hard pieces, perfect isolation sealing.

?PTP aluminum foil has a high barrier, heat sealing, printing, easy to puncture, and other properties.

In particular, drugs can be individually packaged, which also makes it easy for consumers to take out a dose of drugs once or fewer times, while reducing the total number of holes on the production mold, mold manufacturing cost, the product waste has become less.

二、 friendly protection for children, the elderly more friendly

Protection for children: Aluminum foil bubble cover has a certain strength and ductility, for children this material is not easy to tear

Elder friendly: Easy to open, simply squeeze pills out of their packaging with your thumb

三、the design can be the diversified choice

  • You can choose a standard general pattern or customize it to your needs
  • Can be individually packaged
  • Larger foil printing area compared to PVC and hard double aluminum foam cover
  • Special metallic luster is easy to print and decorate on the surface so that the appearance of goods can be luxurious, beautiful, and marketable.

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