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Shortcomings And Improvement Of Pvc For Medicinal Packaging


Shortcomings And Improvement Of Pvc For Medicinal Packaging

Bubble cover flexible packaging is a widely used pharmaceutical outer packaging material, most of the time is a variety of materials composite production, this plastic sheet material PTP aluminum blister foil cover packaging used in the base material, the most common is polyvinyl chloride hard sheet (PVC hard sheet for short), bubble cover packaging has gone through a long period of time, Since the adoption of blister packaging production, the base – PVC material is used to complete the blister packaging of drugs. The material has many good properties and is cheap and high quality, but it also has some less obvious disadvantages. For example, PVC production or use process will have a certain impact on the environment. During production, some undesirable vinyl chloride gases are sometimes produced in combination with other mixtures.

The preparation of medicinal PVC needs to add some other components, such as plasticizer, stabilizer, and so on. The product is stable in performance and will not cause any direct harm to the human body, but after use, some areas will be incinerated in the treatment of packaging waste, and the incineration of PVC will produce such products as dioxin hydrochloric acid. This has a certain impact on the environment.

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Some countries and regions, in order to eliminate the emergence of this kind of pollutants, have stopped the use of PVC blister packaging, such as some pharmaceutical enterprises in Germany. Japan’s national also limits the production of PVC products, this is for all the pharmaceutical manufacturers to note, the current widespread use of PVC sheets as a pharmaceutical blister packaging material is likely because the environment or production process of some harmful substances and slowly reduce usage, if the future in this form is not improved, this product will gradually be eliminated.

In order to better improve the shortcomings of the medicinal PVC material, so that this material can better meet the requirements of pharmaceutical packaging, pharmaceutical factories are now beginning to apply PVC composite hard sheet, this composite sheet is mainly composed of PVC hard sheet and another or several new polymer material films, film for mixing. By extrusion, composite, coating, machining method to produce and a novel combination to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical packaging materials on the market at present is relatively popular blister packaging is the aluminum plastic sheet, this type of aluminum foil itself, non-toxic, and water, oxygen insulation performance is good, medicines and can be a long time after the medicine medicinal properties. It will not easily absorb moisture, mildew, deterioration, etc., especially for Traditional Chinese medicine, the requirements of packaging materials are more demanding.

When the drug packaging into the 1990s, the safety of drug use more and more enterprises and consumers pay attention to, because some drug components are vulnerable to deliquescence, oxidation, the original PVC sheet has been unable to meet the packaging requirements of these drugs. Pharmaceutical factory successfully developed to PVC hard sheet as the base material, on the original basis to increase some high barrier polymer material composite, increase the original PVC in all aspects of the characteristics, such as PVC and PVDC composite, PVC and PE composite, PVC/PE/PVDC composite and so on. These composite materials combine the rigidity of PVC hard sheet, good molding, and good barrier to water vapor, oxygen, carbon dioxide gas, and all kinds of smell. It can well meet the packaging requirements of easily deliquescent and easily oxidized drugs and some Traditional Chinese medicines that need to retain odor. At the same time, the use of these composite disks preserves the original production equipment, while reducing the image of the environment.


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