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Blister foil packaging makes it convincement for both manufacturers and customers


Blister foil packaging makes it convincement for both manufacturers and customers

Blister foil packaging introduction

You must have seen medicine packets. But, did you ever think about the material used to pack it? It is a special kind of aluminum used by pharmaceutical companies. The aluminum foil is thin, and you can easily fold it. All the medicine manufacturing companies widely use the medicine aluminum foil. Its primary use is blister packaging to package capsules, tablets, and even powder.

blister foil packaging

It is safe, and once you package the medicines, it is secure. The primary alloy of blister aluminum foil is 8011 and 8021.

Blister foil packaging specifications

Since the pharmaceuticals use a particular type of aluminum foil for packaging the medicines, it has to follow specific specifications. Following are the blister aluminum foil specification:

  • Type of Alloy for packaging – 8011, 8021, 8079
  • Temper specification – O, H14, H18
  • The thickness of the foil – 0.015 mm -0.08 mm
  • Width of the foil – 50 mm – 1600 mm
  • Length of the foil – The blister aluminum comes in Coil.
  • Treatment of the foil – Mill finish
  • The function of the aluminum foil – High Obstruction and heat
  1. It must be air-tight, and you will be able to print on it. You can even break it.
  • Standard Type – ISO SGS ASTM NEW
  • Packaging ` – The packaging must be in such a way to export it easily either by air or sea. Wooden pallets with plastic protection are used for packaging to be safe and do not get spoilt.

Blister foil packaging advantages of using blister foil

Blister aluminum foil is the only product to package the medicines. Following are the advantages:

  • The surface of the blister aluminum foil is clean, and hence it is helpful for packaging medicines.
  • There is no slack on either side of the aluminum foil.
  • Though the aluminum is thin, it is strong and highly tensile.

aluminum foil packaging

Blister foil packaging production

The entire manufacturing of the blister foil undergoes a lengthy process as you have to take care of the initial procedure. Following is the production process:

  1. The production is initially taken care of when the raw materials undergo the process.
  2. When the raw material enters the rolling process, you must control the quality by cleaning the roughness of the surface. Further, you can also control the speed of the rolling machine.
  3. During the process of slitting the product, you must ensure that it does not have rough edges. There should not be any quality issues after you finish the final process.
  4. One of the essential requirements of the medicated foil is that it must be clean. You can do it through the annealing process, where you can produce a safe blister with the help of controlling the temperature. Therefore, the blister foil manufacturer must ensure safety during manufacturing blister foil.

Requirement for aluminum foil packaging production

It is essential to take care when you manufacture aluminum foil for medicines. You must ensure moisture-resistant with a tight seal as the tablets or powder can become spoilt. You must also ensure that light and water do not affect the packaging. Since the manufacturing companies use aluminum foil packaging for capsules, you must ensure that customers do not find it difficult to puncture open the tablets. Therefore, you must follow some simple guidelines to ease the customers when they purchase medicines.

  • You must ensure that the aluminum foil for blister packaging makes it convenient for transportation and storage. It would be best if you also protected it from pollution.
  • The packaging must also be according to the required provisions.

Each of the blister foil packaging must comply with a quality certificate that must contain:

  1. Name of the supplier
  2. Product name
  3. Brand name
  4. Status
  5. net weight
  6. Product specifications
  7. Batch Number and volume Number
  8. The Inspection results of each item
  9. Inspection and seal by the technical supervision department of the supplier
  10. Date of the packaging
  11. Standard number

Reason for opting for blister foil packaging

Blister foil packaging is the best, and hence the pharmaceutical industries opt for the product for packaging medicines. Various reasons make it suitable for the manufacturers.

Cost Saving

One of the prime reasons for opting for blister foil for packaging is cost-effective. You may find other similar materials in materials in the market, but the quality may differ. Hence, it is advisable to opt for only blister foil to help you manufacture the product according to the specification.

Easily found

Another great advantage of using blister foil is that it is easily accessible in the market. Therefore, you do not need to worry about searching for the product as it is available everywhere.


Customers prefer blister foil as it is transparent. Hence, they can see the product without opening it. Therefore, both the consumers are suppliers satisfied.


Aluminum foil blister packaging is a common pharmaceutical packaging material used worldwide. Since it is available everywhere and cheap and best, pharmaceutical manufacturers have opted to use it.

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