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Corrosion Resistant Pharma Foil Packaging Material Handling


Corrosion Resistant Pharma Foil Packaging Material Handling

The importance of pharma foil packaging material

The quality and safety of medicines are related to the health of users, so the packaging materials of medicines cannot have a bad influence on the medicinal properties of medicines. Some packaging materials with poor quality are easy to corrode with oxygen and moisture under natural conditions, infecting the safety of medicines and affecting the safety of users. Aluminum foil is a well-known pharmaceutical packaging material. Although aluminum foil has a certain anti-corrosion effect, in order to achieve a perfect anti-corrosion effect, another surface treatment is required.

Application of pharmaceutical foil packaging material

We all know that aluminum can form a dense aluminum oxide film on the surface under natural conditions. This film has good corrosion resistance, can well protect aluminum products from corrosion, and prolong the service life of products, especially It is used in pharma foil packaging material to preserve and isolate medicines well. Not only that, in addition to medicinal applications, with the rapid development of the electronics industry, the application of aluminum capacitors has become more extensive, and the performance requirements are also getting higher and higher, especially the anti-corrosion requirements of aluminum.

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How to deal with pharma foil packaging material

Before the medicinal foil is used, the surface of the aluminum foil is subjected to anti-oxidation treatment. Generally speaking, the anti-corrosion treatment process is divided into light foil, corrosion foil, and chemical foil. Among them, the chemical formation method includes a pretreatment, and an oxide film is formed on the surface of the aluminum foil through multi-stage voltage energization. The light foil is generally pre-treated to remove the oxide film on the surface to facilitate subsequent corrosion. The effect brought by this method is not very good, the effect of the oxide film is poor, and the effect of the pharma foil packaging produced is also lacking.

Design of new pharma foil packaging material

The traditional way will remain a lot of problems, by improving the traditional way, using 0. 15 0. 6 mol/liter of NaOH, the weight percentage is 0. 1%. 10%. The ZnO mixture was used to clean the aluminum foil. It can not only remove the oil pollution problem attached to the surface, but also improve the effect of removing the oxide film, and can reduce the emission of phosphorus and reduce pollution. Then, the oxide film is formed on the surface of the aluminum foil by multi-stage voltage energization, and the oxide film is repeatedly damaged and repaired by constant voltage. Good for the preservation of medicines

HWPFP (Huawei Pharma Foil Packaging) Research

Corrosion-resistant aluminum foil is also a technology that HWPFP(Huawei Pharma Foil Packaging) has been researching. Through more than ten years of experience accumulation and professional research and development, great progress has been made in corrosion-resistant pharma foil packaging materials. In more than 40 countries where we export, all our products can meet customer requirements for corrosion resistance. We also expect more customers to learn about aluminum foil products from us.

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