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Blister Foil: Setting the new history in the medical ground


Blister Foil: Setting the new history in the medical ground

The pharmaceutical industry is growing rapidly, especially after the Covid pandemic. The medical industry is also looking to diversify its products with the growing technology. The growth in sales pushes medical professionals to adopt some creative ways to package products. By considering the improvement of environmental impact and creating a sustainable planet, the medical industry is seeking to adopt the safest option. Now the industry is working for waste reduction and minimizing air or water use. For this, the medical industry uses aluminum blister foil for use.

How is blister foil breaking the medical industry ground?

The blister foil is setting the new hype in the medical packaging industry. Pharmaceutical packaging is the biggest concern when it comes to the healthcare industry. The biggest responsibility is to manufacture the pharma products, pack them, and safely deliver them to the suppliers. In order to maintain its quality and efficiency, the aluminum blister foil is helpful. The blister foils are usually made with two elements: aluminum foil and plastic film.

blister foil

These are designed in the form of a cavity so that it can cover the pill on the top with foil. The medicines which come in powder and pill form should be packed with aluminum blisters. Therefore the sales growth of aluminum reels is increasing, and most buyers come from the healthcare industry. This Aluminum foil for blister packaging comes to the market in the pre-printed form where all the relevant information is mentioned. The pharma companies purchase thousands of aluminum rolls and produce the blisters for pharmaceutical packaging.

Aluminum foil in the pharmaceutical industry

High-quality medicines need proper packaging to be safe from environmental impact. If the medicines are not packaged properly, they can be influenced by oxygen and moisture. But when the medicines are packed, it retains the effects which they are ingested. The Push through blister packs made with aluminum foils are also used in the medical industry. This kind of foil is known as blister film. This is the way to protect the capsules and tablets and maintain hygiene.

The blister’s aluminum foils are easy to handle, and it’s a compact and convenient choice. Because of the aluminum foils, each product is packed individually and protected against influential environmental factors. The pharmaceutical industry is looking forward to improving its quality reliability and hygiene in the upcoming periods. All the Aluminum foil for blister packaging is manufactured with medical-hygienic standards.

Heat sealing lacquer with blister foil

As you read earlier, the push-through blisters are made with airtight sealed films. The cover films are made with aluminum foils that ensure the effective protection of the tablets. Because of this, a sealing agent is applied to the aluminum foils. Once the tablets are placed inside the blister mold, the aluminum foil is applied with the right combination of heat and pressure. With the help of heat seal lacquer, the aluminum foils are combined with the plastic materials. Apart from that, the primer is also painted once the medicines are packaged to define the logo and other markings so that the user can easily identify the drug.

blister foil

What’s the difference between hard and soft aluminum foils?

Both the hard and soft aluminum foils are used as cover foil in the push-through packaging. The hard aluminum foil needs small stretching power. It is easy to break and quickly release the drug with relative force. On the other hand, the soft aluminum foils are used in whi8ch more force is needed.

The soft aluminum foil has a higher stretching force, and that’s why these are known as the child-resistant option. The cover material blisters made with hard aluminum are used in the push-through opening system. On the other hand, capsules and tablets are particularly considered safe for children. The market is also filled with blister foils that are made of the composite of aluminum with paper & PET.

The upcoming trend in the pharma industry:

The increasing demand of pharmaceutical industries brings more competition. The pharmaceutical product market is growing all over the world. More and more products are used with the emerging market trends. The industry is able to afford it by considering all the safe manners.

Because of these reasons, the aluminum foil for drug packaging is increasing rapidly.

As people are becoming more heterogeneous in nature, product packaging is becoming more complex. The competition becomes tougher day by day, and the medications are getting more affordable. With this increasing competition in the industry, the pharmaceutical industry is looking for a solution that can become effective and efficient.


Blister packaging drugs are the ultimate solution for providing complete protection. By developing new products like heat seal lacquers, the innovation process is getting bigger. This is how blister packaging is an emerging term in the field of the pharmaceutical industry.


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