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Barrier Testing Of Medicinal Aluminum Foil Blister Packaging


Barrier Testing Of Medicinal Aluminum Foil Blister Packaging

Aluminum foil blister packaging is the main packaging material for medicinal products. Qualified medicinal product packaging requires very strict preparation and testing, and can only be put into use after reaching the standard.
The main packaging objects of medicinal aluminum foil blister packaging are solid medicines. The packaging should completely isolate the contained pharmaceutical preparations from the outside world. On the one hand, the function of isolation is to prevent the volatilization, escape, and leakage of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Some volatile pharmaceutical ingredients can be dissolved in the inner side of the packaging material and diffuse to the other side under the action of osmotic pressure. The active ingredients are volatile and penetrate certain materials. The medicinal aluminum foil material has much better barrier performance in this regard.

medicinal aluminum foil blister packaging

In addition to the internal protection, on the other hand, it is to prevent the outside air, moisture, foreign matter, and microorganisms from entering and contacting the medicine. Oxygen, moisture, a large number of microorganisms, and foreign particles contained in the air will lead to the oxidation, hydrolysis, degradation, pollution, and fermentation of the medicine after these components enter the packaging, which will seriously lead to the deterioration of the medicine and unusable use.

Therefore, the barrier property testing of medicinal aluminum foil packaging has become a key testing item for blister packaging. This includes oxygen transmission rate testing and water vapor transmission rate testing of materials. Although the testing standards of some manufacturers do not mention the oxygen transmission rate detection of aluminum foil, because this indicator is closely related to the number of pinholes, if the number of pinholes in aluminum foil can meet the standard requirements, the oxygen transmission rate can generally be meet the usage requirements. The number of pinholes is also one of the criteria for inspection.

After the actual product is produced, whether it is aluminum foil or PVC material, the material barrier properties in actual use are relatively high. This barrier property detection is difficult to observe by the human eye and requires professional precision. the instrument for detection. Therefore, when purchasing testing equipment, you should pay attention to selecting instruments with higher detection accuracy. The detection technology of oxygen transmission rate and water vapor transmission rate has become more popular.

Whether the quality of medicinal aluminum foil packaging materials is qualified or not is related to the use of medicines and is closely related to people’s health. As a manufacturer of medicinal aluminum foil, Huawei Aluminum has been putting product quality first for many years, ensuring that every piece Exports of medicinal aluminum foil packaging reached an excellent level.

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