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Blister packaging your medicines and make it safe and durable


Blister packaging your medicines and make it safe and durable

Blister packaging Introduction

Cold forming blister aluminium foil is one of the best packaging materials that you can use entirely for the pharmaceutical sector. You can produce the aluminium foil between nylon (OPA) and PVC films using dry bond lamination technology. Since you can form the blisters in the Nylon, ALU, or PVC film by pressing it into a mould without applying heat, it is called cold forming blister laminated foil.

Advantages of using Cold Forming blister foil

  • PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is one of the most basic materials for forming a web as it eases thermoforming at a low cost.
  • Since the blister foil is transparent, you can visually examine the product, thus making it easy for the customers and suppliers to count the number of medicinal pills present in the strip.
  • The strips have an individual cavity that makes it easier for the medicinal pills to remain steady in their own compartment. Thus, it is helpful to the consumers as they can easily take out the medicines from the respective cavities without disturbing the rest. Moreover, if one of the medicinal pills gets damaged due to any external factors, it does not affect the other pills as they remain intact in their respective pockets.
  • The primary advantage of using aluminium foil is that it acts as a barrier from moisture, light, air, and the toxic environment.
blister packaging

blister packaging

Features of Cold forming blister foil

  • It acts as a complete and secured barrier against water vapor, gases, light, and other external factors.
  • It has excellent formability
  • You will get a high degree of thermal stability
  • Since aluminium foil has high malleability, you can draw it into cavities for keeping the medicinal pills.
  • It offers a high aesthetic appeal, thus catching the eye of the consumers.
  • It is Sealable with aluminium lidding foil.
  • The aluminium foil also offers a colourful surface as RAL colour-list.

What is the need of using Aluminium Blister Foil?

You can use Aluminium blister foil to hard-pain all the medical products such as capsules, pills, and tablets. The thickness of the aluminium foil has a thickness of 25-28micron, which is ideal for the pharmaceutical sector. It is heat seal coated on the bright side and print-treat coated on the flip side. However, all the coatings are safe, eco-friendly, and meet USDA & FDA requirements since consumers use the medicines for direct consumption.

blister packaging

Following are the standard specification of Aluminium blister foil:

Alu Foil Thickess (mm) 0.025 – 0.028 0.02 – 0.023
Tolerance (mm) +/- 8% of AL foil
Density (GSM/CC) 2.71 2.71
Alu Foil Wt (GSM) 68 54 – 67
Alu Foil Surface Matt / Bright
Temper Hard Temper
Primer (GSM) Max 1 – 1.5
Heat Seal Lacquer 3-5 GSM (Standard)
6-8 GSM (Special)


Colour 1-4 Colour as Per Design
Ink Adhesion To Pass Scoth Test
Printing Surface Non HSL Side
Registration +/- 0.025 mm
Other Properties Resistance to Water, Heat, Abrasion


Temperature °C 190 °C – 200 °C
Pressure 2.81-5.63 KG/SQ. CM
Dwell Time 0.25 to 0.5 SEC

Importance of blister packaging

If you correctly package the medicinal strips, it helps identify the medicines. Therefore, consumers can consume the correct drugs and drugs. They can also keep track of the number of pills they are consuming every day. It also helps them from accidentally taking an over-dosage of medicines. Moreover, if you use blister packaging, it can help the customers check all the details, including price, name of the drug, manufacturing and expiry date, and most importantly, the instructions on how to use it. Apart from these, foil blister packaging helps in easy and safe transportation. If the packaging material is strong, it can withstand all external factors. Moreover, a well-packaged medicine will always catch the attraction of the consumers.

The most significant advantage of blister packaging for the patients is that they can conveniently remove the tablets or capsules by pressing the blister and forcing the contents to the backing strip. The other advantages of blister packing are as follows:

  • Since blister packaging is very lightweight takes less place than glass containers, it is most favorable for the pharmaceutical industry. It also saves extra expenses on transportation. Moreover, if one of the medicinal pills gets damaged, it will not affect the other ones in the strip.
  • Blister packaging offers better sealing to the medicines. Hence, it can protect the medicinal tablets from external factors like light, heat, and moisture. Thus you can increase the shelf-life of the medicinal pills.
  • You can maintain dose accuracy with the help of blister packing.
  • With the help of blister packaging, you can easily protect your medicines.

Blister packaging conclusion

In short, blister packaging provides good quality sealing and hence protects the tablets and capsules from getting damaged.  In addition, you can quickly test the leakages after packaging.    It is for these reasons blister packaging is favorable for the pharmaceutical industry.

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