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What is aluminum foil composite film commonly used for?


What is aluminum foil composite film commonly used for?

 What is aluminum foil composite film?

Aluminum foil composite film is the most commonly used composite roll film, usually containing pure aluminum (AL) and aluminized (VMPET), usually made of a series of pure aluminum alloy raw materials combined with other metals. The composition of aluminum is 99%.

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The composite film is the addition of a variety of materials. The conventional substrate is plastic, which is combined with other materials such as cellophane and aluminum foil to form a composite material. It has good heat sealability after molding. It has good air tightness, moisture resistance, heat resistance, and cold resistance.

 Is the difference between foil and film?

Film: refers to a film-like covering that is opaque;

Foil : is a metal, such as aluminum foil, which is a very thin sheet of aluminum metal. Aluminum foil is often used for the outer packaging of pharmaceuticals, and the film is often covered on the surface of the aluminum foil to enhance the sealing of pharmaceutical packaging.

 Aluminum foil composite film features:

1. High barrier properties to vapor, various other gases, and lights;
2. The inner surface PE can maintain good thermal insulation.
3. Make it have excellent airtightness and prolong the shelf life of its contents;
4. Has good ductility and compressive strength, as well as low-temperature heat-sealing performance.

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