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Choosing the best packaging material for your pharmaceutical company


Choosing the best packaging material for your pharmaceutical company

PTP Blister foil

PTP blister foil also known as Press through Packing is a popular packaging material for pharmaceutical industries. The blister foil acts as a resistance to moisture, water, and heat. You can also call the blister packs bubble packs as small individual pouches.  Since you can create each plastic pouch separately on the strip, the number of tablets in each strip makes it easier for the medical staff. Moreover, they are safe as the strips have a thin aluminium covering that is flexible and durable.

Medicine PTP Aluminium Foil

Reasons for using Blister foil

Blister foil also allows you to print on it. You can print on one side of the foil or use both sides to make it attractive. Usually, you will find all the information relating to the medicinal drugs printed on the blister foil. Hence, it becomes easy for both the customers and the suppliers to check the strips of tablets. Since the strips are transparent, they can also count the number of tablets present in the strip. One of the primary advantages of blister foil is that the medicines will not get damaged easily due to environmental pollution and moisture. The aluminium foil you use in the pharmaceutical industry is rigid as they use heat seal lacquer on one side. Usually, the thickness of the blister foil we employ in the medical sector is 20µ/25µ/30µ.

Some essential blister foil packaging features

Following are some of the essential features of Blister foil:

  • It provides a 100 % barrier against moisture, gases, light, and other pollutants.
  • It performs a high degree of thermal stability
  • It has high aesthetic appeal
  • It is Sealable with PVC/ PVDC film or Alu-Alu
  • You can do online printing as well as offline printing.
blister foil packaging

hwpfp blister foil packaging

Most of the medications that you see today come in foils. It is because they offer specific advantages over pill bottles. The primary benefit of foil pill packaging is to seal each tablet in its respective bubble. So, it becomes easier for the consumer to keep track of the number of tablets he is consuming. Also, it prevents over-dosage as some consumers have the habit of forgetting whether or not they have taken medicine. Hence, counting the remaining drugs from the day of medication began can prevent accidental over-dosage.  Since you can keep the tablets in their pockets, it does not affect the other pills if one of them is damaged. Also, the opening of the strips of the medicinal drugs requires training. Hence, it acts as a protection for the children who can otherwise consume the tablets causing severe health issues leading to death.

The benefits of Blister foil packaging

Blister packaging of tablets is beneficial for both the customers and suppliers. You will understand why pharmaceutical companies prefer aluminium foil for packaging tablets if you go through the benefits.

  • The Aluminium foil for blister packaging is helpful as it retains the freshness of the tablets as the customers can take out only those tablets that they require without disturbing the other ones. Hence, the products remain safe and secure from pollution and moisture. Therefore, it ensures you save your money as you do not need to purchase another strip.
  • Most medicines are prone to environmental pollution, and hence with blister packaging, you can safely keep the medication from external factors. You can also save the medicinal drugs for longer without any damage.
  • With the help of blister packaging, you can control the dosage of the patients. Since the strip contains multiple pockets for individual tablets, you can store them ideally and maintain the correct dosage. It saves you from accidentally consuming extra, which otherwise can lead to health issues since some tablets are susceptible and must be taken only under the supervision of the medical staff. You will also find some attractive strips as it specifies the days on each pocket or uses different colors, thus making it easy for the consumers.
  • The blister packaging design is also helpful as it makes the product visually appealing. You can put attractive colors and graphics on the aluminum foil to catch customers’ eyes. Moreover, with the help of specific information on the blister packs, it becomes easy for the customers to follow instructions and check the manufacturing and expiry date.

Some Specialities of Blister Foil

Since packaging is an integral part of every company, you must take care of the products’ stability and durability; the blister foils undergo several processes and testing as they provide cover for the susceptible medicinal drugs. Some of the typical medical tests include compatibility with other medicines. A thorough test of the pH value of the material is required so that it becomes an ideal product for packaging medicines. The blister foils undergo mechanical and environmental testing like creasing, folding, and protecting the tablets from environmental hazards.

Blister foil packaging conclusion

Hence, blister foil is the ideal option if you want to find the perfect packaging product for medicinal drugs.

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