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Aluminum foil – An ideal choice for blister packaging of medicines


Aluminum foil – An ideal choice for blister packaging of medicines

Blister packaging of medicines Introduction

It is essential to use aluminium foils for blister packaging of medicinal tablets as it protects them from external factors. You will find cavities on the strips because they save the pills from damage. Moreover, the aluminium foil also provides facilities for printing text and graphics to attract the customer’s eye. You can either choose to print on one side of the foil or both sides. Since the pills cover the racks of the pharmacies for a long time, you must take utmost care for a solid and durable cover. For these reasons, most pharmaceutical companies choose ptp aluminium foil for packaging the medicines.

There are many reasons for making aluminium foil the standard packaging material for medicines. First, it protects the pills from being damaged and spoilt and protects them from water vapor, heat, UV rays, and environmental pollution. However, if one medicine is damaged, it does not affect the other strip pills as each has its pockets. The aluminium foil though thin, is difficult to cut through. Hence, it prevents children from consuming the drugs accidentally as it has a particular process to open.

blister packaging of medicines

Materials used in Blister packaging of Medicines

The most common material that you can use for blister packing is polyvinyl chloride, otherwise known as PVC. It is one of the most common and popular materials as it is durable and cheap. However, some pharmaceutical companies deal with life-saving drugs that are also expensive. Hence, they prefer a covering that can protect the pills from getting damaged. Therefore, they prefer to first laminate PVC with polychlorotrifluoroethylene because it gives an added security to the tablets from moisture.  Blister lidding foil has a hard tamper aluminium with a print primer placed on the outside that helps to keep the medicinal drugs intact.

Requirements for printing on Aluminium foil

You can print either on one side of the foil or on both sides to make it look attractive. However, there are some specific requirements for printing on the aluminium foils:

  • You can print with coated pharmaceutiques.
  • You can print on the aluminium foil according to your requirements. Hence, you can customize it according to your needs.
  • It can adjust product parameters accurately.

blister packaging of medicines

Why should you use blister packaging of medicines?

Once you use aluminium foil for packaging the pills, you will find that it has extensive advantages.  Some of the be advantages of using aluminium foil is as follows:

Cost Saving

When you create a product, you must use a packaging material that is less expensive but durable. It is for these reasons pharmaceutical sectors worldwide use blister packaging. You can quickly reproduce the blister material on the medicinal strips. However, if you spend more money on packaging, you will find that the entire cost of production shoots up. It is a cause of concern because consumers prefer quality goods that are cheap and strong.

Product Display

One of the key features of using blister packaging of medicines is its prominent display area. It helps the customers to get information about the medicine in detail. Moreover, a consumer will also be able to check the expiry date of the medication, which is essential. Moreover, if the product display is visible, manufacturers can use graphics on the medicinal strips to make them attractive. It is helpful as it will create customer satisfaction and enhance the product.

Easy and safe opening

 The medicinal strips have pockets that are separate from each other. Each of the pouches in the strip is for each pill. Hence, if any of the drugs in the medicinal strip gets spoilt, it does not affect the other medicines. It is also helpful for the consumers as they do not have to take out the entire pills from the strip. You can safely take out the medicine without any frustration.

Recycling options

When you choose a packaging material, always go for the one you can recycle. It helps save a lot of extra expenses as you will be able to use the same material again. Aluminium foil provides you with the perfect solution for cheap and best packaging material. You can also recycle the same; therefore, blister packaging is the only solution for your pharmaceutical company if you want to go green.

Aluminium foil for blister packaging of medicines is increasing in demand in the present timeline as most of the pharmaceutical industries are opting for the product. Hence, it is necessary that when you use blister packaging for your medicinal tablets, you must ensure that it meets the requirements, else you will be at a significant loss. It is because a perfect aluminium foil will protect your tablets from getting spoilt due to external factors. The product specification of the aluminium foil must be (0.02-0.07) * (300-1000) mm. It must also be safe, hygienic, and easy to carry.

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