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Do you know about aluminum foil rolling?


Do you know about aluminum foil rolling?

Aluminum foil rolling is a special calendering technology. Due to the small thickness of the product, the controlling factors that play a decisive role in plate and strip rolling, such as gap and rolling pressure, do not play an important role in aluminum foil rolling. Other factors that play a minor role in sheet and strip rolling, such as tension and rolling speed, play a very important role in aluminum foil rolling.

The thickness of the aluminum box is relatively thin, generally 0.2 ~ 0.006mm, and the thinnest can be rolled to 0.0025mm. Rolling from 0.35~0.7mm foil billet to 0.006mm foil, it includes rolling of strip with wheel gap and rolling of foil without stick gap. At present, there is a lack of mature theory and calculation for seamless rolling.

In the production of double-sheet aluminum foil, the rolling of aluminum boxes can also be divided into three processes: rough rolling, intermediate rolling, and finishing rolling. From the perspective of technology, it can be roughly divided from the thickness of the rolling exit. The general division The exit thickness greater than or equal to 0.000mm is rough rolling, the exit thickness between 0.012 ~ 0.05mm is middle rolling, and the exit thickness is less than 0.012mm for single finished products and double rolled finished products.

Rough rolling is similar to the rolling characteristics of aluminum strips. The control of thickness mainly depends on rolling force and post tension. The processing rate of rough rolling is large, which can reach 50% ~ 65%. The rolling characteristics are completely different from the rolling of aluminum strips, and have the particularity of aluminum foil rolling. Its characteristics mainly include the following aspects.

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