Features and Benefits of Children’s Blister Foil

1. The blister foil for children adopts the composite structure of paper, polyester film and aluminum foil, which effectively increases the strength of the composite film. The thickness of the polyester film is controlled to 12-35um, and the toughness and puncture resistance are excellent. The capping material takes out the medicine, and the strength of opening is 7-20 N/15mm, which can effectively prevent young children from opening the package and ingesting the medicine by mistake, and realize the safety of children’s medication;

2) Children’s blister foil is made by compounding paper, polyester film and aluminum foil. While enhancing the strength of the composite film, the paper can also be used as a carrier for printing layers, substrates and graphics to increase the stiffness of the film. Prevent children from breaking the composite film, improve the safety of use, the setting of aluminum foil can further block water vapor and oxygen, and the setting of varnish is convenient to protect the effect of ink and paper, increase the surface slipperiness of the material, and the heat sealing layer. It is easy to be heat-sealed with the blister and has a sealing effect;

3) The heat-sealing layer is designed to be made of VC glue with a dosage of 3.5-4.5 g/m2. It is a high-performance heat-sealing glue based on thermoplastic synthetic resin. It is a one-component safe and environmentally friendly formula without halogen bead elements. The advantages of low tear strength and good tear direction;

4) The double compounding process is adopted, and three step temperature change methods are adopted in each compounding process, which improves the appearance effect of the compounded film, enhances the compounding fastness, and improves the easy tearing property.

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